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A Retreat For BCF Pastors and Their Wives

Last Saturday, God answered one of our prayers with a "yes".  We have been asking Him to enable us to spearhead and provide for a one day marriage retreat exclusively for BCF Pastors and their wives and we are so glad this is over and done with!! We desired for this because we wanted to give back to Bible Centered Fellowship.  Though we are now with CCF Muntinlupa, BCF Camella has been very instrumental in my salvation and Christian walk.  Even up to now, my homechurch has been very supportive, welcoming and intimate (especially to Bryan).  Second, though we have been married for nearly 3 years, we have seen how a marriage can be beautiful and ugly.  With these, we started to pray that God will us to serve our BCF Pastors by sponsoring a marriage retreat.  Praise God, because as always He answered!  I would also like to thank God for our friends too who initiated to share their resources.  Maan, Erick and Tere -  Mabuhay kayo pati na ang mga kabuhayan ninyo!!

We invited Kuya Erickson and Ate Dot of EDV Ministries (who were also our pre-wedding marrrige counselors) to facilitate the retreat.  This power couple aims to help Church and christian organization with the different aspects of the ministries. You may send them messages or inquiries here.  

 As much as I want to tell all what happened in the retreat, I won't and I can't.  We vowed to keep all the details in private.  However, I took some pictures which will give you a clue that we all had a productive and great time!

My Center for Community Transformation (CCT) Experience

We stayed for two days at CCT Tagaytay for a couples retreat. We had a great time and I can say that the venue contributed a lot.

Our room was spacious, very neat and cozy.  It was good for 4 (2 single beds with pull-outs) that has a pretty big restroom that comes with free soap, hot and cold shower and tissue.  The bath towels come with a fee of 80 pesos.

The food that was served was yummy too.  Although there was nothing really different or special with the cuisines they served, I can say that it was not bad after all.  Just be extra patient with the cafe personnel because they get a little rattled when there are too many people to accommodate. Sometimes, the buffet table does not get refilled right away.  However, since you have (strictly) an hour (breakfast 7-8, lunch 12-1, dinner 6-7) to enjoy and finish your food, I am sure you will still have a great time.  Sorry that I don't have the actual pictures of the food I ate, however, let me share the menu we had.  

Lunch 1:
Corn soup
Fried chicken
Sauteed veggies 
Papaya and Pineapples
overflowing brewed coffee

Dinner 1:
Pocherong Tagalog (clear soup)
Sweet Style Pork Stew
Sauteed veggies with fresh mushrooms
Papaya and Pineapples
overflowing brewed coffee

Breakfast 1:
Fried Daing na Bangus
Tortang Talong
overflowing brewed coffee

Lunch 2:
Mushroom soup
Korean Beef Stew
Herbed Pan fried Chicken with gravy
Sauteed veggies with Basil
Papaya and Pineapples
overflowing brewed coffee

Since we were here February, we experienced a Baguio weather.  There were no buildings nor any infrastructure around so the wind and fog just came around.  It was sooo cold that I had to wear three thin layers of clothes!  As we strolled I also realized that CCT is a kid-friendly place. They have playrooms, wide green space, playground, basketball courts and games that can be rented with a minimal fee (I heard over the counter that Ping-Pong only costs 40 pesos per hour).

CCT is approx 800 meters across Picnic Grove. If you want a quick get away for your family or your team, it is a good place to try.  Just one of the things I do not really like is when you have to leave your shoes on the ground floor of your building (there is a shoe cabinet provided) and use indoor slippers to go up.  However, aside from this, I think CCT is a good place to have retreats, conferences and team buildings.  If you are interested to check on the rates, just scroll down coz I also attached it for you!

**room only (2-3 pax only) 
         2000 pesos - non-aircon 
         3000 pesos - aircon

**day use of room
          1500 pesos - non-aircon  
          2000 pesos - aircon

**day tour entrance
           200 pesos per pax

** bringing in of food not allowed


“Forever Yours: Going the Distance” is the second couple’s retreat that Mico and I had attended. Coincidentally, the bulk of the conference focused on “Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires and The Respect He Desperately Needs, ” topic which we have learned for three times already – first, when our pre-marriage counsellors required us to read the book with the same title by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs; second, when our church Dgroup discussed it in one of our sessions and third, in this couple’s retreat. Despite being exposed to the same topic for several times, the Lord has always prepared something new for us.

This year’s retreat allowed me to see how rewarding it is to do God’s command of “loving” my wife even if at times she appears to be unlovable. Loving her is not merely a responsibility that I need to do but a privilege for me to worship God since the main purpose of marriage is to adore Him. As a result, a rewarding marriage is experienced.

Our first speaker lectured on the “Blueprint on Marriage” as written by God, the author of every connubial. One thing that struck me is when he discussed the need for “unswerving loyalty" which entails knowing your wife on all aspects – physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. I asked myself, “Do I know Mico that much? Is my loyalty to her unswerving to the extent that I know her on all facets of life?” However, these questions were clearly answered when our last speaker stood and expounded on the grace of God which enables each one to do what He has commanded us to do.

Indeed, it is only by His grace that we can copiously know our spouses, consequently, being one in serving God.With us in the retreat is a couple who are on their twilight years and has been together for almost 60 years. Both of them use canes. The wife even uses wheel chair if there is a need for a fairly long walk. Hearing their testimony made me appreciate God’s  sustaining love and grace. Their long journey together were full of successes and failures, but, despite all these, they recognize that the Lord sustained them and gave them His unwavering love that binds their love for each other through the ages. 

Having learned all these, the Lord reminded me that my marriage with Mico is work in progress according to His design. Looking back to what the Lord has done to us in the past two years of our marriage, I am excited to see what He has in store for us in the years to come as we continue our journey with Him.


I have always been a lover of retreats.  It is an instant get-away, a time to learn/re-learn and a season to not watch the clock.  Last February 19-20, Bryan and I had a chance to be with our CCF Muntinlupa family for a couples retreat.  And, as expected, we had a wonderful wonderful time.

To begin, I am thankful that we had a chance to be "away" for 2 days. Though it was a bit difficult to leave Risen (I am sure most parents would agree), we still decided to go because our son would surely benefit from this retreat.  As what we have always believed, happier parents make happier kids.

Second, this gave us the chance to bond with other couples of CCF Muntinlupa.  Ever since Bryan had finished the bar exams we have longed for a church that we can serve and call home.  We yearned for friendship we can develop, families we can know and Risen can grow with - and finally, we can say that CCF Muntinlupa is the answer to our prayers.  PRAISE GOD! WE HAVE A CHURCH!!

Third, this gave us the opportunity to hear from God on what He wants from us and from our marriage.  We have learned much from the topics that were shared and from the stories talked about by other couples. I will be more specific on my learnings on my next blog.  I have also asked Bryan to share his reflections, so watch our for that as well!

All in all, I can say that I fell in love with retreats, Bryan and God all the more! I hope you can join us next year!