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Our reason we do not declutter is because we do not have time.  Which is true, since we really need a minimum of two uninterrupted days to sort our stuff.  Sadly, most of us, even stay at home wives do not the a weekend to clean.  So what do I have in mind? I have one giant point that will help us declutter any time of the day.

Just one? yes.  You only need this giant step if you do not have the time to clean up spaces in your closet.  Here is what you need to do.

In a corner of your house, have an empty box.  Place that bin in that area where it is accessible for anyone.   If you do not have a carton, you may use a giant plastic bag.  For our case, we use this.

photo not mine

Now here is the one big task.  Every time you come an across an object, a toy, a piece of clothing, a document that you thinking (you do not have to be sure) of disposing, put it in that box.  As you do this, ask your family members to also do the same thing.  In our household, I tell Bryan and Risen to drop off items that they no longer need or want.  In this case, when Bryan for example tries on a polo and he sees he it no longer fits him nicely, it goes straight to the box.  Same thing for me. When I see a display or a kitchen utensil that I used to love but is not needed anymore, I put it in the box.

With this practice, you will be amazed on how you can easily fill up your container with stuff.  Now what is next?!  DO NOT DISPOSE it yet.  How do we go from here?  Here are your options:

1.  Wait for at least 3 months before donating the box full of clutter.  IF in three months, you did not look for any particular item, most likely, you are really ready to give it away.

2.  Sort the box.  Toys go to a public school. Clothes to a relative. So on and so fort.

3.  Double check the box and see if you are all set to dispose it.  This option is tricky, because there is a big tendency you get attached to a particular object again.  Make sure these items will not find a way to go back in your homes.

For us, I do number 1 and 2.  After three months, I drop the box of clutter to a public daycare.  However, the nicest clothes go to a family we are helping out.  My tip is to limit the people you are giving it so as to lessen your time to sort it out.  Actually, the best practice is to drop it off an NGO, or a daycare and leave the sorting to them. I have been doing this for three years and I tell you, THIS ROUTINE WORKS WONDERS.

You would not need a weekend.  Just go through your normal routine at home and declutter as you go.  Again, you only need to do the ff:

1.  Place a box in a corner of your house
2.  Drop items that you think you are ready to let go.
3.  Wait three months
4.  Drop it off to a community or family you are helping

I want to know how how well you did here!  Let me know in three months, okay?


You would not believe me when I tell you this trip to the US was totally unplanned. We applied for a visa first week of April (with the intention of not going this year), Bryan's research was approved for presentation in LA before June, (this all happened after we got our schedule for interview).  Our visas got approved.  And the rest as they say is history.


And why was it more than amazing?

1.  We did not push it at all - Yes, we wanted it  to happen but we allowed God and circumstances to move in our behalf. We did not get disappointed when our Visa Interview was scheduled 2 months after we applied nor when our itinerary did not happen, or when Risen had to use nebulizer on our first day in the States.  And did we mention that Bryan's gall bladder was removed a month before we left? Our perspective was, the fact that we have this opportunity, okay na.
After our VISA Interview

2.  The weather and timing was perfect - Confession time. Before this trip came up, I was frustrated that I did not have events in the months of July and August. As always, God has better plans. Fireworks welcomed us since we landed 4th of July. The weather was summer, but since it is hot here in the Philippines, it was perfect for us - a sweater weather for my family.

at San Diego; after shopping

Balboa Park

3. Our itinerary was not hurried - We had a lot of "let us just cherish this" moments!!  We knew one month would still not be enough so we decided to just have a little bit of everything (including rest).  We did not leave the house everyday, nor did we push our tired bodies to move. Yes, though everything was new and exciting, we still leaned towards our favorite travel tip -- no hurry! Hence the hashtag #unhurried life

Los Angeles

still in LA

 4.  We spent time with family and went to church - We placed down our phones and started talking and listening.  We were glad we spent and allotted quality time with friends and family. We also went to church every Sunday of our trip. Actually, this is what we really wanted why we left.  We looked forward to seeing Bryan's cousins and titas and family friends just to spend time with them.  Also, we wanted to see the life, both the christian and work life balance, of the people in the US. It was a good feeling to fellowship in different churches.

with my childhood bestie and neighbor

friend/officemate in Manila


favorite neighbor

family :)


Rest area (between Seattle and Oregon)


5.  We saw Christ's ministry in the US - To begin, our trip was well provided by God.  We did not used up our credit cards, we did not loan or borrow money, lastly, we had money to pay for our bills and commitments when we got home. This happened not because we have tons of savings, it is just that, we knew what not to buy and Bry's family and friends in the US are super generous. Second, in Las Vegas, the sin city (what are the odds?!), we were able to share a gospel to a waiter thru a track and we had to chance to hear the testimony of our Lyft driver (Like Grab). Third, we met christian families whose lives are great in the US - they have work life balance, they have time for church and the ministry, their kids are brought up in the ways of the Lord (and the kids are serving the Lord too), and we sat down with a starting CCF dgroup in San Diego whose goal is to share Jesus and make disciples.  Wooohoooo!!!!!

God is working in the US. It does not mater where we are.  IF we are willing to obey God, He will work in us and He will take care of us.  Yes, it is very tempting to work doubly hard, possess all you want, BUT if you choose to honor God, even in Vegas, He will be alive in all that you do and He will be used by God.

My encouragement to those Christians in the US, or even if you are in the planning stage, do not go there for money or convenience.  Go there because God called you to be there. Once this is sure, then, go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).  After all, this is our main calling.  Pinas or Vegas.


For those of you who know me, you might also know that I am an event host.  I do weddings, corporate events, debuts, and the likes.  And since I am a family life blogger, I put so much effort into highlighting the story, the relationship, the marriage -- the LOVE.

If you have been to a wedding, you might notice too that the program is most likely to be the same.  It starts with introduction of parents and sponsors, followed by the team bride and team groom, then the couple of course.  This would be followed by the traditions, a toast. dinner, speeches, and closing remarks.  IF the host is not intentional, the execution could just be the same. In short, there is a tendency for all weddings reception to be the same because the flow is exactly identical.

Now, this is where I come in.  Being naturally inclined to weddings, I look for for stories that I can highlight in my spiels.   I observe my guests, the sponsors and parents and see on how I can magnify the marriage and their relationship that I have. I also make sure that the guests are there not for the dinner but for the commitment that the couple has made - to be together for the rest of their lives, and their day 1 starts tonight.

Weddings and other celebrations are more than the fun, glamour and spectacle and it is my desire to bring this to you on your big day. Let us focus on love, shall we?

For inquiries, you may check @ido_hosting  on FB and IG.  You may also email me at My official hashtag is #idohosting.

I will wait for your inquiries!


NO, I am not talking about extensions or renovations. What I am saying is, your present house can be bigger when you work on my suggestions below. Crazy curious?

1.  Decide on the parts of the house you NEED. Our house is tiny we decided to get rid of the living room. Why? We noticed that you just really use it to watch TV (we do not have TV), a place where kids play and eventually leave toys, and a place for guests (we seldom have guests).  So instead of allotting a space for a chunky sofa, we invested on a dining table that can make us and guests cozy as well.

2.  Empty your home with things you do not use. I have heard people saying they need to extend because things do not fit into their home anymore. Well, how about having less stuff instead? Yes, I am talking about minimalism.  Since we moved back here in the south, our home only has the things that we need.  Checkout your cabinets and you will see that you probably do not need the 20 percent of it.  Try it. IT WORKS! Promise :)

3.  Have a room that can be messy. No matter how big the house is, if it is messy, it will always look crowded.  We have one room dedicated for war - when I say war, that is the only room that can get cluttered (messy NOT dirty, okay?).  Playing, homeschooling, blogging, and devotions happen there. With this, the rest of our home can stay

4. Lastly, just appreciate what you have now. Did you really think you will a home when you were younger? Remember when you just pretend play (bahay-bahayan) when you were a kid? Now, you have a house that you own and a place you can prettify.  Di'ba?! Look where God place you.  HE did not only gave you a roof but a home. Praise God for that!!


It is a no brainer.  If you are single and loves the beach, Boracay is the place for you.  However, if you are traveling with family, it is a no brainer too -- you have to plan!  Our trip was legit so I figured out you would want to beg me for tips haha

Here we go:

1.  Go for 4 days and 3 nights - For any travel that requires a plane or a long bus ride, always opt of 4 days and three nights.  Trust me, the 2 whole days in Boracay island will make a lot of difference.  You have more time to explore the island, not to mention you will feel rested when you get home.

2.  Splurge on that one thing - There are many things you can spend your money on Boracay.  However, you can't have it all.  So my suggestion, pick one! And guess what? we chose food! We spent around 500 per person per meal. In some hotels that offer buffets, Risen is free, so we explored on those too.  We also had snacks, coffee and shakes in between.  I actually gained a tummy fold in Boracay!  The food crawl is so great, you won't have the time to eat what you want.  So much food, too little time.

3.  Choose a hotel near the beach - Long walks are good, but not if you are wanting to be in bed!  Since the shore is long, opt to stay in hotels near the beach.  Having a room near the shore is also better when you have kids that would want to be carried after a long day.  A 5 star hotel is not necessary because you will just use it for sleeping anyway.  There are rooms that cost 3,500php for 3 pax.  Not bad at all!

4.  Respect each other's non-negotiable - When you are traveling with family, though you are considered a unit, each has a want.  I made sure I have enough photos ;), Bryan had nap time and Risen had Mango or Chocolate shakes twice or even thrice a day!!  Just make sure everyone gets his turn.  Support the whims, and you will all end up happier!

5.  Make sure your kid/s are in another bed - Oh but of course!  Wives, you know what I mean, right?

6. Bring toys for the kids - There were plenty times I and Bryan allowed Risen to play the sand while we have coffee.  Most of the restaurants are beach front.  That means, you can catch up without any help from a gadget.

7.  Avoid the social media - Speaking of gadgets, wives, avoid the social media.  I know it is so tempting to post, but, that too can wait.  Experience the place in real time and not through the screens of your phones.  Funny on how we are always together but a trip can  make us realize there are many things we still do not know about each other.  We try to make time with Risen and with each other (me and Bryan) as much as we can, because why not?

8.  Lastly, wake up early!  The mornings in Boracay are so peaceful and clutter fee.  A perfect time to thank the Lord for and reflect on the things He has done and will continue to do!



Do you have wives and mothers you follow on IG and FB that helps you be better in this life called "Buhay May Asawa" (Married Life)?  Well, I do and today I want to share them with you.  These are the wives that are both my friends and encourager.  They have whacked wifey-hood by being experts in their fields.  Aliw na aliw ako sa mga posts nila.  And since I know them, I can also attest that the things they share are the lives they live :)

1. Viviene Bigornia of - Vivs, has been a full time mom from the very beginning.  She also blogs and facilitates training, however, the core of her being is this:  She aims to help women find and run after their God-given passion. She does group and one on one coaching.  She also asks the tough questions that will make you rethink and "redo" your life.  

2.  Gracie Miranda-Maulion of @tipidmommy - I get my all around tipid tips from Gracie. From grocery, to raising a pre-schooler, to honoring God with our finances, to going on trips to managing a business.  She is also very practical and responds fast to questions!  She actually has a talk this Saturday on how to be a matipid na Mommy.  Visit her IG for deets :)

3. Dorcas Brion of @bibongpinay - This friend is not plastic, ma-papel sya (joke po ito, sana na gets mo ;) ).  Why did I say this?  Because she is also known as a human printer.  She offers planners, booklets, menu planners, etc.  I love her because she shares her craft that is good for everyday use.  Also, if not humorous, her posts are always relevant to my life as a woman, wife and mom.

photo from Leny Ortega

If you want me to connect you to them, let me know :)  Also, if you want to sit down with us to get to know us or our brand, just comment or message me.  You may find me here in my office, also known as And wait, let me end this with a barkada pic!  Missing you, ladies!

(L-R) Viv, Cas, Gracie and Me :)


I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how I can grow my hosting and training business .  Since the late quarter of 2017, I have been wanting to aim higher and dream bigger. I mean, it is just right, di 'ba? Every business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur would like to be better every year.

With this in mind, I kept on asking the Lord how.  I also nagged Him to give me wisdom, ideas and more clients.  However, God has been silent.  He asked me to focus on Him instead.  I was not convinced so I asked Him more.  He still did not answer.

I stopped asking and tried my best to focus on Him and settle on for 2018.  Then on the series of events, conferences and journaling, I realized something.  In order to be bigger on the things I want to accomplish, I need to embrace who I am first.  And who am I first?  Let me share to you what I enumerated on my journal:

1.  Christian
- salt and light
- be a disciple and discipler

2.  Wife
- support Bryan in all areas
- homemaker

3.  Mother
- Homeschool Risen
- Train and journey with Risen

4. Freelancer
- Host
- blogger
- owner of Soli Deo Events Management

5.  Daughter, a sister, a friend, church volunteer
- connect to family and a community

When I realized who I am first, I felt so bad for neglecting what God intended me to be primarily.  In many occasions, I have frowned upon working on chores (if only I could answer a client's inquiry), whined at Risen for wanting to play longer (I have an email to answer), I also thought of my time go to waste with all the cooking and cleaning I have to do (I could have been blogging instead), and the many instances I folded clothes and tidied our cabinets with a heavy heart (If only I can go to a coffee shop now and work on my laptop).  God rebuked me and told me, "Hey, I did not create you to work and grow your business.  I made you mine, Bryan's and Risen's FIRST" 

This humbled me and made me ask for forgiveness because for sometime, I neglected who I am.  I obeyed His direction and agreed to embrace my life in a specific order.  But wait, the idea here is not to drop our businesses and just literally stay at home.  It is just a matter of prioritizing and seeking Him first.  For the longest time, I thought I was already doing this, little did I know that I was not.  God reminded me that He is pleased when I do chores (naiyak talaga ako dito!!!!) and at the end of the day, this is what is important.  He assured me that He will handle the rest as long as I do not put on a heavy heart serving my boys.  When this happened, I told God, "Okay Lord, I am ready to not grow my business this year, I will focus on the first 3 lang muna", but knowing God's economics, baligtad talaga!! When I decided to work on what REALLY mattered, I suddenly had ideas for my business, I had inquiries that did not get mad when I answered late, people who can help started pitching in, and lastly, I still have energy to work in spite of the working at home!   Ang galing!!

To add to this, He also reminded me of the following:

1.  God made Bryan the main provider.  My responsibility is to just support him.

2.  God did not want my business to be a product of my sweat, hard work and sleepless nights.  He wants it a result of His grace and my obedience.

3.  I am a stay-at-home-wife-and-mom first not an entrepreneur, so why should I worry if I don't grow my business?

4.  Prioritizing is the key, not balance

Misis (especially those who does NEED to work), it is okay to be who you are first...These things will be added when we honor God first (Matthew 6:33) 


I first talked about settling at home here. I hope you had a grand time sorting and organizing.  Let me continue with my helpful list :)

3.  Wake up early and sleep on time
I try my very best to wake at 4:30 at be in bed at 8:30. To add to this, I also do NOT check my            phone during these times.  My goal is to get up and head to work and or sleep asap.  We all know what happens when we have our phones agad!  ;)

4.  End house work at a certain time
Since the work at home never ends, you have to end it yourself.  Let me share to you the sked that I follow.  The goal is to stop house work at 10:00 am kahit may natira pa.

4:30 - wake up, prep breakfast, sweep and mop(kitchen/living room areas), load clothes at washing machine

5:30 - coffee with Bryan, Devotions

6:15 - Bryan leaves for work, continue with Devotions, Journalling, Planner-ing ;)

7:00 - Risen wakes up, I continue with my devotions while Risen bikes or plays, clean bedrooms


10:15 - Hello Social Media and freelancing work :)

11:30 - lunch, screen/play time for Risen while I read or work

2:30 - Homeschooling time

4:30 - Dishes, housework, prep dinner

5:15 - Bryan arrives, dinner, quality time with Bryan, load clothes in washing machine

8:30 - sleep

5.  Know what to let go then drop it
I am first a christian, wife, mom, freelancer then church volunteer.  This is clear but what made this list more specific was when I (actually Bryan's idea) listed down the responsibilities that go under it.  When I itemized it, I was put to shame when I realized I should not be complaining on my housework because I am a wife and mom first.  I should not also rant when I can't work on my laptop, because again, I am a homemaker first.  Since my freelancing and ministry work comes last, I should work on it last too :)  To add, I should be an example to Risen on how I react to chores.  Also, I should be excited to God's whisper "I am pleased" when I work around the house with a smile.

My tip?  Work on your FIRSTS.  Drop the others and you will see on how God will arrange your time when you honor him and His priorities first.

6.  Remember that it starts from your home
I believe that good managers start from the home first. If you can't manage your household, your time, your finances, how can you assure your clients, employees, friends that you can help them out?

To summarize, know who you are, Misis :)  When you realize and accept who you are first, the laundry, dishes, and cleaning gets done with a smile.


In my previous blog, I shared that we were only able to settle to 2018 mid January.  It was a rough take off , however, we are just really happy to finally made it to the new year kahit late.  Before I give you a run down of the things we did to arrive on our 2018, let me give you some signs of a person who has not moved into 2018 yet.  Or better yet, an indication of a home that has yet to  adopt in to a steady phase.  If you nod on my every point (or at least half), you likely need tips on how to settle too.

1.  you sleep tired and you wake up tired
2.  you do the same amount and length of chores repeatedly, e.v.e.r.y d.a.y!!
3.  you can't find your comb, the new ketchup you bought, and the tiny gun of your son's robot
4.  you have clutters, actually no, you have many clutters
5.  you are overwhelmed with chores that you do not know where to begin
6.  you find your home, 24 hours, chaotic
7.  lastly, laging mainit ulo mo

How did I know?  This all happened to me for 2 weeks  ;)

Okay, enough of the dump, let us now handle this. Ready?  First step...

Organize your home.  Wait, do not get scared.  Once you know the ins and outs of your house, it would solve 50 percent of your problem.  Promise!  Do not worry, I will not leave you with this big word, I will walk with you through it.  Okay, so how do we organize?

1.  Throw, give and sell the following:
- Double or triple items
- clothes, bags, and shoes that do not fit and you don't wear

Yes, I know this will be HARD.  So may isa pa akong tip.  What you do is bag all these things first.  Do not give or sell them yet.  Just put them in a bag or box.  After a few months, you would realize you can live without them.  By this time, it would be easier to let go.
Good luck!  You can do it, Misis!

I gave my big bag of clutter to someone who has a big family.  I did not bother selling them kasi na stress pa ko dun.  But, if you want to earn from your clutter, go ahead and plan a garage sale.  If not, pamigay mo na lahat para no worries at all.

2.  Organize your home.  In short, pagsama samahin ang pare pareho.
This is still connected with my first tip.  After you have decided what to keep and what not to keep, plan out the things inside your home.  An organized home is equivalent to having a system.  Dapat may sistema misis.  Here are my examples:

1.  I only have 3 sets of bed sheets, blanket and punda.  All this are packed in one set, so isang kuhanan lang.  na ka group na sila.

2.  Risen's toys can't be played at the same time.  Naka group din sila.  Two at a time lang pwedeng ilabas.  When he is done playing with 2 sets and he wants to play with another set, he has to return the toys he is playing with, then saka lang ilalabas yung iba.

3.  I love cooking and spices.  Lahat din nasa isang lalagyan with visible expiration dates. Also, I make sure nasa maayos na lalagyan, not in plastics. Plastics can be messy.  Invest in clear bottles with lables and lalagayan.

4.  The biggest throw I did was with my clothes.  Ang sarap ng konti ang damit.  Yes, that is true for me :)  I have less choices so less time in figuring out what to wear.  I am actually leaning toward having a uniform and same set of clothes.

5.  Lastly, I made it a rule, that if it has no place in our home, it is considered a clutter.  So if nakatago lang sya with no purpose, I give it away.

Can you imagine your personal bag having  a screw driver, sponge, and used socks?  Hindi di ba?  I am sure when you see those in your bag, you would leave it somewhere or throw it away.  The same thing with your house.  You have got to let go!

IF you still think you are not ready, try one department first.  It will be fun and worth it, I promise! :)


I have finally landed on the year 2018!!

The big blow that welcomed us this year was when we decided to let our helper go because she had to drink maintenance meds for high blood (she is only 35).  It was hard for us to see her sick, and I know it will be difficult for everyone if there is another being we need to look after to.  And so yes, we had to send her home.  I felt the impact of this at the start of the year.  We needed to reorganize the house, donate and throw things, be familiar with the "ins and outs" of our home and basically to reshuffle chores. We also had to look into our schedule and routine and figure out how me and Bryan will juggle everything again.  Whew!!!  After a month, I think we have finally settled.

This chaos means too that I have figured out when and how to write.  After a month, I was able to finally open my laptop and share my thoughts again.  Finally!!  And wait,  since I I want to step a notch personal goals this year, I have decided to vlog once in a while.  Yes. sometimes lang because I do not want to get overwhelmed ;)

Seriously now, how are you and the new year? Have you arrived as well?  If you have not, do not hurry.  Take your time and figure out the following:

1.  What is holding you back?
For me, it was the countless things I have to fix and decide upon (e.g to get a new helper or not), and my attitude toward our new normal.  It was the peak of my my hosting gigs and events when our helper got sick.  Our schedule was so crazy!  We only go home to pack and leave again.  I got so stressed with all the chores that I did not know where to begin. One day, I just decided to get it over with and start moving!!

2.  What are the things you need to act upon and drop?
I dropped blogging to focus on reorganizing our home, our schedule, Risen and Bryan.  Then piece by piece, I slowly went back to my dream daily routine.  My tip is to not be afraid to pause or stop. Rebooting is necessary.

3.  Write the things you have to do 
A list can be overwhelming but at least you know what you are facing.  I am a planner person so I write things down.  From my weekly menu, groceries, stuff to do today, this weekend and next month, etc.  A ticked off list can make you feel accomplished, go make one.

4.  Remember that certainty is not the goal
If you are aiming for assurance that all will be well this year, then we have a problem.  One of the things that made me "ready" for 2018 is the peace that though the beginning is rough, God watches over our little family.

My prayer is that you will be ready to face the new year not because you are confident, strong, knowledgeable of the things ahead, but because you have a God that will walk you through the bad and the good days.  Yes, I have finally landed on my 2018, but that's it.  I am waiting on where and how God will take our little family.  I hope you too, will arrive soon.  Happy new year!!!


Since I have been telling you about the scheduled rest we did for 3 days and 2 nights, let me share this to you in detail so you can have an idea on your next sabbatical trip :)

Me and Bryan have been looking for a place that is (1) within our budget (2) a short drive from Carmona (3)  a place that is not crowded (4) and has amenities that Risen can enjoy too.  We have been googling up until we stumbled upon Club Balai Isabel and the 4 points we have been eyeing for came in perfectly.  (1) It was on 50% off at Agoda (we paid 6700 for 2 nights)  (2) It was just like an hour away from Carmona (Talisay, Batangas - Exit at Tanauan via Star Toll) (3)  They are still free on a weekday - weekdays mean less people (4)  They have 3 pools and large spaces for our 4 year old to explore.

After 4 checks, we booked and drove to Club Balai Isabel :)

We were there early so we had to wait by the pool before we can check-in.  It was totally cool because we were allowed to use the pool and the other amenities.  Before 2pm we were given a room (we booked an Executive room).  They were also gracious for the request of transfer (from 3rd to 2nd floor) that we made.

The sweetness of doing nothing (la dolce far niente) finally began after we dropped our bags in the cabinets.  It was literally eat, swim, bed, then repeat for us.  I think it was the "less thinking and no planning" for three days that we enjoyed the most.  Oh wait, we used naman pala our brains when we ordered food! haha  I am posting the menu and prices here because I know these details are valuable for a Mrs. like us.

Seriously now, what I love about this 3 days 2 nights near get away was able to catch up with myself.  You see, when a wife or mom gets tired, the tendency is to imagine what life was like before.  Now, no regrets here, but I just have to admit that I miss being spontaneous, staying out of the city, practicing my stroke (water baby!!!), reading books while having Coke, staying under the sun, and not thinking of anything  "adult like" was sooooo relaxing!!! I was not #adulting for 3 days! Woohoooo.  Sounds selfish? Maybe. But it is so true.  I so miss myself and that 3 day 2 night stay was a very good way to get back to the groove of being a full time wife and mom.  I was really recharged.  It was like I can peel 10 kilos of Chayote with a smile!  haha

Now, would I recommend Club Balai Isabel on your next trip? YES! but only of you can only get for half the price.  Booking it for 6,700 a night is quite pricey of you ask me.  I have little issues with cleanliness, lack of towels in the pool area, no toothbrush and toothpaste (has to be requested), and late opening of pool areas (8 am) ;)

Be sure to check Agoda before booking!  And of course, be sure to rest and enjoy the sweetness of not doing anything!


And oh, I made a video to sum up our trip!  This is my first time so please be appreciative haha