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I like sisig.  I order it randomly when it is available. That is why, it has been a "dream" to visit Pampanga because I heard that the "best sisig" is in the town of San Fernando.  This longing become a reality when I decided to join my hubster in his training facilitation.  While he was working, I, my son and my sister went on a Sisig adventure!

Take a lookie of my (our) verdict!

This yumminess may be found at Glaciano Valdez St.Brgy.Agapito del Rosario Angeles City


Don't you just love to eat?  

One of our favorite catch up thingabies is eating.  We always make sure that once in while, we have uninterrupted bonding where we can just eat a lot (yep, a lot), talk and have good coffee for a couple of hours.  Thanks to Metrodeal, we were able to eat at Hotel Jen (formerly Traders Hotel) on a discounted price. We paid 560php each and get to savor good food on a Saturday.

The menu list was short but sophisticated.  I was surprised I got to memorize what the spread was without intending to.  On the buffet was the following:

  • Bread, butter, jam
  • Cheese (about 5 types), fruits and crackers
  • Salad
  • Bulalo Soup
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • Siomai
  • Kikiam
  • Potato Wedges
  • Sushi
  • Ribs
  • Hilabos na Hipon
  • Lechon Macau
  • Spicy Wings
  • Chopsuey
  • Kare-Kare
  • Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce
  • Strawberry Mousse
  • Sansrival
  • Churros
  • Ginataang Halo-halo
  • Pudding

When we walked in and checked the tables, I was not really excited to dig in.  It looked "ordinary", plus compared to other buffet restaurants the selections of Latitude was fewer.  However, when we started tasting each viand, we became really appreciative of what Latitude has to offer.  It was authentic, savory, real, delicious - definitely a lot "oooohhhsss and aaaaahhhhsss" from us.  

The ambiance was relaxing too.  It was not crowded, definitely no lines, no people walking around, and just really a good place to have an intimate conversation.  The waiters were a delight as well. They got our empty plates right away and checked on how we are enjoying our meals.

no people means a decent picture! haha

On the other had, the vegetarians will be a bit disappointed because aside from the green salad, Hotel Jen only offered Chopsuey, Sushi, Shrimp and Steamed fish on their list.

All in all, because of the quality of taste and ambiance, I will choose (with our without Metrodeal discount) Latitude over Buffet 101, Vikings and Yakimix.  I wish to go back here, not the soonest though, because the ribs and spicy wings were just too sinful to try again!

Thailand day 7 - last day in Phuket

Last day = breakfast buffet day!

I have been reading a lot of raves online about the Renaissance breakfast buffet, and since we can’t afford this everyday (health and money factor), we saved the best for last.

I won’t spend much writing but will let the pictures and our big smiles (and tummies), speak for itself!  ENJOY!!

Thailand day 5 - (still) in Phuket

We woke up gloomy so I was afraid that it would be cloudy the whole day. I was so wrong though. The sun was up as soon as I got outside of our huge and glass walled bathroom.  We filled ourselves with fruits for breakfast then went straight out of room 233 to do some “hotel hopping”. 
What I loved about Mai-Khao (the part of Phuket where we are in) was that it was the most secluded and quietest part of the island.  Perfect for people who want to be in solitude and have candle-lit dinners by the shore instead of endless partying at night.  With this, there were only 3 places to stay in the area -- Renaissance, Sala and Marriott.  We hit Marriot first and saw how Thai the hotel is.  Every corner and architecture piece spells Asian.  Each turn showcases Thailand’s design, silk, scent and gods.  As we went to the beach area, there was even an elephant! How crazy is that?!  We walked through Sala hotel too and appreciated how modern and small it was. Perfect for parents who want to watch their kids as they relax.

We went back to Renaissance hotel to enjoy the Sand Box Restaurant and Bar – My favorite food place in the hotel.  I like this spot cause one can dine in your skimpy wear, be barefooted and feel the sand on your feet as you eat, and have the blue skies or starry skies as your view.  Tursitang turista ang peg!

We rested back to our room for awhile then walked to the pool for a swim.  The water was light and warm, perfect for the setting sun and cool breeze of the wind.  We sat to the pool chairs at times to enjoy the happy hour drinks, vegetate and stare at the paradise we are in.  Sigh. This is all what we did. Dip, drink, and stare - the beauty of doing nothing.

We skipped dinner for tonight is Noche Buena!! Our first CHRISTmas together!!!  We wanted to reserve buffet dinner but the restaurant is only open until 11pm.  I mean, Christmas begins at 12 midnight, it cannot end at 11 pm!!! Thus, we ended up having our Noche Buena at the hotel’s bar.  The people around us had alcohol on their tables while we had a complete dinner course!! At 12 midnight, we exchanged greetings and stayed some time to finish our meals.  We then walked out of the bar and stayed close as we sat on a wooded platform underneath the Christmas stars.  We missed our families, of course, but the fact that we are together in our most favorite time of the year made everything fade away.  It was Christmas of 2012 and we were finally married!!! <3 font="">


I looooove Chicken skin.  I even deep fry chicken necks and eat it like popcorn.  YUM.  Every time I do this, Mama looks at me with doubtful eyes, with the words “Hay, naku, taba.  Not good".  Apparently,  I do not get fat (thanks to my genes), so I do not feel guilty when I eat oily food.  If I do not do the cooking, I would ask Mama not to remove the skin,  but she would give a very strong “No” then put the fat straight to the garbage bin.  When she does this, I would teasingly walk out on her and say that her cooking would not be that tasteful anymore.  I never understood why Mama removes the chicken skin, up until Bryan’s blood pressure went up.  

One Saturday, a friend from Adamson invited us for a birthday dinner.  Sisig and Fried garlic chicken were the main course – sarap! We ate all we can. And since it was a pretty long celebration on a round table, we did not really notice how much we have been eating.    The feasting did not stop there because the next day, we met up with my Balikbayan friends for lunch and dinner.  We had lechon, Sisig, Crispy Pata and Kare Kare - the yummiest and oiliest Pinoy dishes.  And yes, you would have guessed what happened.  The next day, on a Monday, at Adamson, Bry had to go to the clinic and take medication. 

I felt responsible for what had happened to him.  I should have monitored our food intake.  Ganun pala yun.  That is why wives and mothers are careful on what they place on the table because they are “accountable” if anything happens to their husbands and kiddos.  I was so guilty that time.  Sabi ko nga, if the reason for my extra days at Adamson (I resigned that week) was for me to realize and feel  the weight of this responsibility, the wait was so worth it.  Lesson learned.  I will now prepare healthy dishes because there was that twitch in my heart when Bryan got ill.  Worse, I knew I could have prevented it.

So yes.  Just like Mama,  I would do the same.  The chicken skin would go directly to the garbage bin.  

Anyway, here is a peek of what we ate that day.  Dishes are all from Little Quiapo which were all sumptuous by the way!  ...kaya nga napadami eh! :D