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Sanchez Mira is a third class municipality in Cagayan.  Upon leaving Pagudpud, you would need a little over an hour of travel time to reach Sanchez Mira (third city upon entering Cagayan).  From the highway, there is nothing outstanding about the scenery.  Yes, there is a view of Sierra madre, rice fields, and farm animals, however, to be honest, from my view inside the car, I thought it was just a typical town.

However, when I opened the car door, I already knew that my stay in Sanchez Mira will be extraordinary.

We were greeted with the unpolluted cold, and rainy breeze, which by the way, was unexpected at this time of the year.  There was something with the smell of rice fields, mist of the air and dew on the plants -- I swear,  it was like Baguio circa 1980's.  I loved the fact that we were in the center of the town yet the atmosphere is still very provincial.

For a woman who leaves in the busy town of Carmona, Samchez Mira took me back on how it was like to wake up in Alfonso when I was in pre-school (next town after Tagaytay).  Though it was around 8:00 when we arrived, it felt like 5am dawn because of the climate.

As we went around, and ate of course, here are the things I have discovered.  They have very tasty rice.  Do not even be surprised when they will serve purple rice just because.  This is something very usual in this town.  Also, they have the freshest greens.  I got to taste steamed Pako leaves, and other Ilokano veggies in minimal Bagoong sauce.

This town is also a good place to check out old houses.  Me and my husband finally had a chance to see my mom-in-law's family house.  It had the thickest walls and wooden floors!  It was so old yet so charming.
My son, Risen, busy with Makahiya ;)

Before leaving the town, we took time to sit down with the Mayor, Asela Sacramed.  She hopes to improve their town to attract more tourists, help the community and make Sanchez Mira a place for those who want to rest from the busyness of the world.

Baggak Hotel

Some products of Sanchez Mira

Event place by the ocean

Will I visit Sanchez Mira soon?  YES!  I am already thinking of having our Christmas vacation there.  They say, it rains! Therefore it perfect for those who loves the baguio weather but would want to stay away from the crowd.  They too have a hotel now which I will blog about soon.  For the meantime, let us all dream about this quiet community and PM me if you want more details for a lovely holiday.


I had the privilege of hosting the opening KANYAW NATIVE FOOD BUFFET behind the Muntinlupa City Hall.  This is a place where foodies can gather for a very cheap price.  For the discounted price of 175php , guests eat want to sawa 6-7 pinoy dishes. The regular rate (which is still cheap) of 195php will start April 1. 

Lunch is from 10am to 2pm and dinner is from 4 pm to 10pm.  Place can hold 60 pax and they are open for reservations and events.  If you are not gane for a buffet, you can also order a la carte. Check out the menu below!