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DINOSAURS ISLAND: A Learning Stop at Angeles City, Pampanga

Since Bryan was invited to facilitate a Feature and Editorial writing workshop in Angeles, Pampanga so we decided to come with.  

Our first stop was the Ning Museum which was located in the center and busy area of Angeles City.  We came there for the Batirol, but sadly, their coffee place opens at 5pm - we were too early

After a quick museum visit, we looked for the famous Sisig which deserves its own post here, we went to the learning stop of the day, 

They have huge displays of dinosaurs that makes sound and moves (mostly head and tail).  The island has more or less 19 displays.  

What we like about it is that the dinos are situated in a real forest.  It was all soil, trees, leaves on the ground.  Pretty much like Jurassic Park! :)

It was a guided tour which took a little over an hour.  Since we were only three in our group, we were able to ask questions! Really informative.  I myself learned a lot!

Will we go back?  Yes!  Maybe when our son turns 6 or 7, in that way, he would be more interested to listen and learn about these giants.

Ticket Price:  350 ( at Metrodeal for 250)
Location:  Subic Angeles Pampanga
Value for Money:  4 out of 5


I like sisig.  I order it randomly when it is available. That is why, it has been a "dream" to visit Pampanga because I heard that the "best sisig" is in the town of San Fernando.  This longing become a reality when I decided to join my hubster in his training facilitation.  While he was working, I, my son and my sister went on a Sisig adventure!

Take a lookie of my (our) verdict!

This yumminess may be found at Glaciano Valdez St.Brgy.Agapito del Rosario Angeles City


Bryan, I and Risen caught a tummy bug during our recent trip to Paoay. We were there for a week and we all came down with upset tummy and fever for Bryan.  It was not a good way to end our trip, but we were still grateful because we were able to ride the plane without any "pasabog" ;)

Before I share my tips, let me first show you some of the oil that we put in our tummeehhh!


1.  Stick  as close as possible to what your usual diet is - We do not eat pork and we seldom have fried dishes at home.  We should have avoided fat in Ilocos.  I know the Bagnet, longganisa and lechon sound so appetizing, however, since out tummies are not used to too much oil every meal, it went back on us.

2.  Explore food carefully - This is for food adventurers like me.  Make sure that you are "full" before eating dishes like Kilawin, Pinapaitan, etc.  Also eat these types hours before sleeping time for digesting, allergy monitoring and safety purposes.

3.  Monitor water intake - When you are on the road, it is very easy to forget drinking water.  I discourage sodas and sugary juices.  Water is still the best.

4.  "Skip" eating - Rest your jaw :)  Skip in between main meals.  If still full, eat light dinner, or skip it.

5.  Do not believe the idea that "Kain lang.  Bakasyon nga eh" ("Just eat -- that is why you are on vacation") 

I know it is "hard" to be healthy on holidays, but trust me, it is more difficult to get sick during these days.  When you are in your healthiest, you can enjoy your family time more.  It is okay to "eat" just be mindful of what your choices will be.

BASIL: The Home of Real Thai Food

We finally had a time to have a "real date" indulge over Thai food (Oh how I've missed these two). After checking out the reviews and spotting a discount on Metrodeal, we happily decided to visit. Basil is located along Chino Roces Avenue.  It is behind a building that is in front of Glaxo Smith Kline.  From Magallenes MRT, it would probably be just a 2 minute ride.

We ordered Phad Thai 360php, Creamy Prok Curry 325php and Lettuce Wrap with Tamarind sauce 295php.  I am not a fan of 300++ pinoy dishes because I think I could whip them at home, but since this was Thai authentic Thai, my wallet happily gave in.

The lettuce wrap was refreshing.  It was crunchy all over and the Tamarind sauce gave it a different kick. It was minty, sour and sweet all at the same time.  Perfect for appetizer.

The Curry was great too.  It was not spicy but so flavorful.  I literally closed my eyes on my first taste.  It took me back to the streets of Bangkok.  Awesome flavor.  We did not finish it all so we brought it home for Risen which by the way he happily finished!

Phad Thai.  This was real.  I wanted more of it but my tummy surrendered already.  haha I would go back to Basil just for this.  Really really yummy and spicy!!

If you want real food, cozy and quiet ambiance, I highly recommend Basil.  They too have the most accommodating staff and efficient service.  Not too mention, big servings too.  


Three on three.  

Our little family of three celebrated our third year wedding anniversary last December 5-6 2015 at Crimson Hotel Alabang.  We chose Crimson because they were on promo while we were picking out a hotel for our staycation. 
We got a de luxe room that came with a breakfast buffet for only 4,000 pesos 
(it is normally 6k + +).  What a treat, right?

The first day was spent with my parents on the pool side.  We ordered a Tea Time Treat (coffee and pastries  for 675 nett) that is supposedly only good for two people but ended up fulfilling 4 1/2 tummies plus 3 pcs of cookies for take-out.  They were really sweet (that's why it is for more than 2 people), yummy, interesting and satisfying.

The room has a huge and a really really dreamy bed.  
The view was also lovely at night.  

And, tadaaaahhhh! Breakfast!  The most important part of my hotel stay. I won't say much except that we stayed for 2 hours in our table. haha

Let me share to you the breakfast buffet spread.