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My life as a freelancer started last December 2015 when I decided to print out my name on a card and (finally) declare myself as a professional event host.  I have been hosting all my life, and so I thought it would be appropriate to do it actively on the side.  Thankfully, I mostly received “dapat lang”, “buti naman”, “bakit ngayon lang?” from family and friends. Yey!  That was definitely a good sign!

Actually, what was intimidating was when I was seconds away of clicking “enter”.  It was a battle I had to fight hard.  There was a mixture of excitement, kaba and fear.  I was so afraid that no one will ever get my services and that my cards will be put to waste. I was also into the idea that there are a lot of hosts so “why would they want to get me?” However, with my eyes almost closed and with a silent “bahala na” I just did what I had to do -- I declared myself as a professional host and gave a go signal to have my card printed.  Looking back, I was so glad I clicked “enter”. I am so happy I jumped into the world of freelancing.  Definitely a right choice.

Do you also want to be a freelancer?

My tip?  Just do it.

If you have been passionately baking, cooking, fixing, decorating, writing, editing, etc. for free, then that means you already more or less “freelancing”, only that, you have been neglecting the business side of it.  So, why not do it “professionally” na ‘di ba? 
And yes, just like me, you will always have excuses.  I am not saying that you do away with it, but maybe what you can do is to figure out which ones are valid and which ones are totally absurd.  Take your time and write them down.  Analyze, compare, argue with yourself then decide.

And yes, you do not have to quit your job once you have decided to be one.  You can start slow and just do it on the side.  In time, you would notice when you are ready (only if you want) to quit your 8-5 routine and do something really really great with your life (yes, I am being biased here).

Freelancing is an awesome choice for a stay-at-home wife and mom like me.  I am still able to spend a whole a lot of time with my husband and son without forgetting of the things I am good and passionate about.  Freelancing is God sent.  He gave me the talent, and as always, He gave doors to be able to use it. As always, praises be to Him!



I have been hosting all my life.  
From weddings, to birthdays, to company events, to debuts, 
to Christmas parties, to anything!  
I have been practically around hosting events!

As a host, aside from having good communication skills, one also needs to have rapport with the audience.  She should be able to also adjust to sudden changes of the event, be sensitive to the needs and wants of her clients, think fast, be on her toes at all times and guarantee a flawless program.  I am proud that my background in Theater and experiences in training and teaching has molded me to be an extraordinary, professional and classy host.  

Interested? email me at  

facilitation during live Q and A with Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdes

Regencia X Javillo Wedding January 2016

Clark's Christening February 2016 Rhapsody Club

Mac and Lorraine - Jan 2016 - Fernwoods Gardens

CCF Muntinlupa Auction and Concert - Jan 2016 - Palms Country Club

Matt - Sarah  - 2013 - Portofino

Promoting Adamson University to schools in Cavite - 2010

Poetry Recitation Host at Adamson University - 2010
JB X Vhim - 2015 - Bellefort Estates

Speech Fest Judge - 2011 - TUP Manila

JS Prom - 2008 - Intercontinental Manila

Dei's debut - 2010 (I also hosted her older sister's debut)

Fritz's wedding - 2010 - Bali Garden

Earl X Roxanne - 2012 - Susana Heights Subdivision (I also hosted his brother's wedding last November 2015)