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We have to admit that romance or the kilig factor may not be always present in any relationship. These feelings are feelings nga eh, so they can "come and go".  This may happen because of circumstances, distance, familiarity and kids (yes, you read that right).

However, this should not mean we just let go of the romance factor in our relationship.  What we can do is to take intentional steps to rekindle the sparks that we have as husband and wife.

Last week, before the school year opened, me and Bryan, together with 2 families went on a trip to Rizal, San Pablo and Liliw Laguna.  We  took this chance to also date, have fun and rekindle romance.  How did we do it?  Here!

1.  I sat in front.  At times, during long trips, I sit with Risen at the back.  However, in this long haul of drive, I made sure to stick with Bryan in front.  We just brought a bag of goodies and toys that Risen can easily pull out when he gets bored.

2.  We were 90% together even if we were in a group.  Sure we had friends with us, but we made sure we had moments.  Instead of walking with the group, we sometimes get ahead.  That's why, I also suggest that you travel with people who are marriage oriented.  The couples we were with did not mind if we had to sleep earlier (though we were branded as the senior citizens of the group because of our sleeping time hahaha), get ahead of the pack, or stayed far sometimes.

3.  We did something crazy together.  We took the 400 plus steps to Tayak Hills, and what made it funniest was when Bryan went up in long sleeves and slacks!!!  Aside from this, we also had mini couple olympics.  Fun should never be left out in any trip.  If you should make a "program" to spice things more, go have one.

4.  Back in the hotel room, we requested for a extra bed for Risen.  I am not against co-sleeping with your toddlers/babies, however,we should also think IF this is affecting our intimacy.  Remember on how you longed to lie down in the same bed with your husband when you were still gf-bf?  If you were excited on when this will finally happen, this means it is really important.  Do not let your kids get in between of your intimacy.  Yes, an extra bed means an extra cost, but if it will make you extra cuddly with your partner, why not di'ba?  One of the nicest feelings in the world is to wake up in the arms of your husband!!  Umamin ka, totoo diba? :)

5.  We gave each other space.  This was the 10 percent off I was talking about on my point number 2. I had a hearty breakfast with Ate Lorena (Lovi was still in dreamland) while the boys met up for devotions and church planning.  After this, I also spent time with Risen in the pool.  

6.  We ate.  One of the things we like doing is trying out dishes together!!  On our plates were Pancit Lucban, native sausages and Pako omelet.  We vowed to order what we have not tried yet.  There pa lang, may bonding na! In fairness to the White House Restaurant in Liliw, we enjoyed all of it. We also took home brownies from Arabella's, Pako leaves and kesong puti. 

Do not think that your next travel will just be an ordinary drive with your hubster.  When well thought of, it can be a way to rekindle romance with the love of of your life.  Just remember how you were intentional when you were bf-gf.  This phase called marriage should be no different at all.


1.  When fighting means the end of the world - This is when you argue, then your world stops.  You can't focus at work, you are overly stressed, you feel he/she would leave, you try to fix things badly, you overreact, you fear a break up... The list goes on. The bottom line is, you become devastated just because you fought.  Guess what? you will still fight when you get married so make sure you will end up with a guy/gal that would make you feel loved though you have some issues.  Someone who will still ask if you were able to go home safely in the midst of an argument.  Yes, you can feel secured, respected and loved in bad circumstances.  If a guy/girl makes you malfunction because of a petty quarrel, think hard.

2.  He/she loves me, he/she loves me not - When he or she is confused.  A person in a relationship must be sure of what he is getting into.  It can't be one day he/she is in, the next day, he/she is blah.

3. When it is all fun, fireworks and physical -  We would see this in rom-com flicks.  We do not have to watch hollywood films because even the Pinoy movies are slowly blending in.  Of course we need to have fun in relationships, but guess what?  Every relationship has to be balanced and it can't be all "let us just enjoy what we have now".  Trust me, at the end of the day, you would want more sincerity, depth and richness (especially for women).  You would want real conversations, deep thoughts and compromises

4. You and me - Yes, there is something wrong when it is just ALWAYS the two of you.

5. When you lose your identity - You will somehow "lose" this when you get married and have kids.  However, I personally think it should be done slowly and carefully.  A real change does not happen overnight.  You can't suddenly be a gym rat, a coffee person, or have a different religion, etc.  Yes, your personalities will probably get a bit mixed up, but this can't all happen on at least the first 6 months of your relationship

6.  Involves physical abuse - Anger can't be a reason.  No guy (or girl) should beat up another person.. Enough said.

Age does not exempt you from having a detrimental love life.  The "wise"choices that you make may not be the best.  And you know what?  The best option is to keep away from this list.  It would be difficult to end up with a man or woman who puts an unhealthy relationship on the table.


It took us a lot of convincing before Risen agreed to leave the pail of water so we could drive to a swimming party.  He was so happy in his floaters that he even told us he do not want to swim in the pool because he was already swimming in the pail!  Crazy, right?  If he only knew how big and deep a real pool is, I am sure, he would excitedly get out of our old, rusty pail.

Image credit to owner

I don't know why, but this story of Risen got into me. In many occasions, I too have stayed in a pail of water rather than a 5 ft deep of water.  

How about you?  Are you also trying to float in a tiny tub?  Thinking that the place you are in is already God's best for you?

When I became a mother, I have understood God more.  That if I only obey and follow His rules, He will take me to places.  Just like in Risen's case, we had to argue with him and explain hard that swimming in a pail is nothing compared to being inside a pool. If he only listened and obeyed, we could have left early, hence a longer time for him to enjoy.

It may be a wrong relationship, a job that takes away your "life",  a debt that you have been carrying, a worry stuck in your head, a sin you are so afraid to let go. Let me tell you that if what you have now is against God's law, then that is not His best and will never be His best. Trust me, based on experience, the pool or even a beach is the right place to dive into.

Just let go of the pail.  God is waiting for you so he can bring you to the sea.


Marriage is intricate.  It is complicated, beautiful and breathtaking.  It is a wonderful experience for people who threw themselves to reality of marriage - which is to be one and to cleave.  It is dangerous and awful because the weakness of your partner and the disappointments it can bring will make you question on why did you marry from the very first place.  Marriage is fun, it asks for worries, yet it brings you comfort.

Marriage is detailed.  God gave us instructions to obey.  Disobedience means consequences.  

Marriage is beautiful because it was created by God.  Therefore it should bring you laughter and joy amidst sorrow. 

Marriage is a lifetime commitment.  That even when your spouse sins, you would be willing to forgive again, and again and again.

It is fixed. permanent. and forever.

This is why you should prepare before getting married. 


I have been juggling 4 events for the past few weeks.  I can’t believe I am so busy freelancing!  It is actually quite challenging to get up, work without a boss and not be distracted by social media, news about our new President, Pinterest, recipes, etc.  In short, the struggle is real!  Not to mention I do not have to time in and out! Plus the gloomy weather and the irresistible bed! Haay!!

Going back, I have been hectic with 4 things:  IDO!Hosting, Angat Pilipinas Premium Workshop and Awards Night, Freelancing Fair, and Ready to Marry.  A little bit too much but thrilled I am doing it all at the same time.  Let me give you the details I am excited and thankful about!

IDO!Hosting is what I have been doing permanently.  I am an event host and I do emceeing on wedding receptions, debuts, corporate events, christening, etc.  I launched myself as a professional host last December because I am practically doing it all my life!  Since my educational background is Theater and I have 8 years of experience in teaching English, I decided to do it “for work”.  Since December, I have not had a zero event in a month! I guess, we just gotta do what we gotta do!  If you want to know how I started freelancing, check this out! 

Angat Pilipinas Premium Workshop and Awards Night is a huge event that Ginger Arboleda (OIC of Manila Workshops) trusted me with.  This half day workshop and Awards Night will happen on September 24 at the Tent Acacia Estates, Taguig. I am pleased to be working with the men and women behind Angat Pilipinas whose advocacy is to empower Filipinos through financial freedom.  They have been doing trainings, encouraging OFWs and organizing events to enable Pinoys to start their business, be free from debts and be financially secured. 

The awards night will honor fellow Filipinos who have been helping out in the same advocacy as Angat Pilipinas.  Let me share to you the links that you can visit:

Freelancing Fair is the first for the Philippines and first for Manila Workshops!  Looking at its title, it is a day for freelancers (just like a job fair)!  I am in-charge of Logistics and has been helping out here and there as well!  I will let you know more about this event soonest!

Team Meeting at BGC

Ready to Marry.  Let me begin by saying this is what I am most excited and nervous about.  This is a workshop that I have envisioned, dreamed about, shared with my husband and closest friends, prayed for (and still praying about), and discussed with Manila Workshops.  This is something very close to my heart!!  Ready to Marry is an intimate talk on marriage and weddings.  I have always believed that preps for the wedding and the life ahead should go hand in hand, not break your budget and should be looked into (especially the marriage part).  This is the #hugot of this workshop.  I am really trusting that the engaged couples would consider seating down with the experts and learn on what they are getting into!

The workshop fee us 2,500 per couple (8:00-3:30).  Inclusive of lunch and kit.  

If you want to be #readytomarry register here:

READY TO MARRY: Guiding Couples from Wedding to Marriage

I am so happy!  I can finally announce that my "baby" is out! I have been wanting to organize a workshop that will help engaged couples two ways:  wedding and marriage.  
Thank you, Manila Workshops for letting me!!
Jesus, thank you for this chance!  

READY TO MARRY: Guiding Couples from Wedding to Marriage

I am so happy!  I can finally announce that my "baby" is out! I have been wanting to organize a workshop that will help engaged couples two ways:  wedding and marriage.  
Thank you, Manila Workshops for letting me!!
Jesus, thank you for this chance!  


I was checking out Facebook when I saw an article that suggests that a husband should be treated like a best friend.  I must say I was not convinced.

I believe that the best way to treat a husband is to treat him like a husband.

I am not a marriage expert nor a woman who has been married for a long time, but  I want to acknowledge God, who by the way, initiated marriage.  Therefore, He also has the say of how it should be.  Marriage has a very wonderful and unique design and it could only be at its best if couples will follow God’s blueprint. 

What is the basic plan?

Husbands, love your wife.  Wives, respect and submit to your husbands. 

Obviously, this is not how we treat our best buddies.  Why?  Because again, marriage is so special that God has designed an exceptional plan to make it work beautifully. 

Day to day, I strive to be the best wife to Bryan and day to day I falter. Nonetheless, instead of losing hope and being a mediocre wife, I cling on to God's grace because He alone can sustain me.  

What do I do?  I make sure I don't treat him like a friend because if that would be the case, I would not be intentional in serving, loving and submitting to him.  That would also mean taking him for granted and hoping that we can easilly re-connect, as if nothing has changed. And also that would mean getting mad at him and not doing anything about it because I know we would make peace in a few days.  

Yes, I think you can be friends with your hubsters, but may consider treating him like a husband first, then the rest of the "relationship types" can follow.

What do you think?  Maybe the video can also help 


I have not been blogging coz we have been busy packing! 
I am so glad to be back to blogging and the south! WUUHOOOOO!!!

We now reside in a townhouse in Carmona.  Praise God!  We have been waiting, praying, waiting, praying, waiting and praying since December of 2014 and finally, He granted us with a home back in the south!

We officially moved in last April 7, 2016 (Thursday)  and had our first batch of guests for a house blessing last April 9 and second batch the next day.

So glad to be able to open our house to our people close to our hearts.  Excited to welcome our dear relatives and friends in the days to come.

Visit us? Tara!!


This is probably the most rewarding, fulfulling and productive vday I have ever had. To begin, I spent it with Bryan. Then we had the chance to do the things we love that looked forward doing since we werw engaged with the people that matters to us.

It was Feb 13, Saturday when the Singles Fellowship of CCF Muntinlupa had the Event entitled
"On a Personal Note, Ang Concert ng Sari-Saring Love Stories".  This music night featured the different phases of love thru songs.  The ambiance was so relaxed, fun and interactive.  Parang group videoke lang!  This fun night turned out to be more special because Bryan and I had a chance to share how God puzzled our stories, lives and hearts together.  Such a pleasure to speak about our friendship, engagement and marriage. 

full house at Qaldi Coffee Bar
with Joy

On the second day of our Vday weekend, we spent it with our D-group (young couples) a.k.a Sanity friends.  It was such a fun meet-up because we got to answer a few questions from the youth of Danielle's home church..  Here are some of the inquiries we got:

1.  Paano ko po malalaman kung mahal ako nung babae?
2.  Ilang taon po pwedeng mag-asawa?
3.  Bakit po hindi ako crush ng crush ko?
4.  may nangyari po sakin nung bata ako, may magmamahal pa po ba na lalaki sa akin?

After our 45 minutes question and answer stint, we gather to talk about God's design for marriage.

panel :)

To cap-off, we are so thankful that we had a chance to share our love for each other and God's love to us.  It would be difficult to stay in-love without His love and grace.  My desire is we would know what God's love is all about because this is the only way we can truly love each other.  (Please check Risen's ribbon below hehe)

Aaaannnddd wait, let me share the sprinkles on top of my full vday.  It ended so sweetly.  Thank you, Bryan!  I can't wait to love you more and tell the world about it!


I was reading Genesis and answering the reflection questions found on the booklet Marriage, God's Design for Intimacy by James and Martha Reapsome when I came across these two verses.  

Genesis 2: 8-9
Then the Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the east, and there he placed the man he had made.  The Lord God made all sorts of trees grow up from the ground—trees that were beautiful and that produced delicious fruit. In the middle of the garden he placed the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

Genesis 3:6
The woman was convinced. She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her. So she took some of the fruit and ate it. Then she gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it, too. 

image not mine

Looking back, I saw two things:
1. God provided the physical needs of Adam and Eve by planting all sorts of trees
2. Eve "forgot" that God made all this when she was tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit


I should never forget that God has provided and met all my needs.  As a wife and mother I have a tendency to worry, over think and dream of "better" things for me and my family.  This verses reminded me that God has given me the things that are enough.  Instead of clamoring and asking for more, I should see that a LOT of things were already provided so I should be more than thankful.  I know that the world has always something good to offer.  Our earthly life has always a better option, a grander alternative and unlimited opportunities, however, I should only take the options that God freely gives.  That as I live, there will be many offers (for me and my family) that "seems beautiful and delicious" (just like the forbidden fruit) but I should remember in my heart what is important, what is precious in God's sight, what is eternal and what will give Him the real glory.


This is a painful rebuke.  In many occasions, I have taken the fruit that the world offers without remembering that You have already provided.  Help me to continously see You and what will bring honor to You.  Strip me away of my bragging rights, because I only have You.  I can only be proud because of You.


Three on three.  

Our little family of three celebrated our third year wedding anniversary last December 5-6 2015 at Crimson Hotel Alabang.  We chose Crimson because they were on promo while we were picking out a hotel for our staycation. 
We got a de luxe room that came with a breakfast buffet for only 4,000 pesos 
(it is normally 6k + +).  What a treat, right?

The first day was spent with my parents on the pool side.  We ordered a Tea Time Treat (coffee and pastries  for 675 nett) that is supposedly only good for two people but ended up fulfilling 4 1/2 tummies plus 3 pcs of cookies for take-out.  They were really sweet (that's why it is for more than 2 people), yummy, interesting and satisfying.

The room has a huge and a really really dreamy bed.  
The view was also lovely at night.  

And, tadaaaahhhh! Breakfast!  The most important part of my hotel stay. I won't say much except that we stayed for 2 hours in our table. haha

Let me share to you the breakfast buffet spread.