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How much does it really cost to have a kasambahay (helper)?

Mommies, wives, parents, families would normally need help at home.  We are actually lucky enough to be staying in the Philippines because getting a house help is not that expensive compared to our neighboring countries. However, very few kasambahay employers get to the bottom of computing on how much does a nanny or a helper would really really cost.  If you are one of these wives who only check on the monthly pay-out, let me help you.

Disclaimer:  I am an English teacher so please pardon my explanation :).  Also, the figures below may vary depending on the family.

             3,500 - monthly salary
                385 - monthly SSS (11% of 3,500)
                200 - monthly Philhealth (will come FROM employer if salary is below 5,000)
              3000 - monthly food allowance (based on 100 a day)
                200 - monthly Meralco and water
                150 - monthly Detergent soap
                500 - monthly eat out, load, others
             7, 935

So there.

My thoughts?

1.  Do not only compute the salary but the food and utilities as well.
2.  This may be really worth it if you have a good kasambahay (I miss our Ate!)
3.  If you are earning 20,000 every month, 12, 065 goes to your pocket and the rest is to your house employee.
5.  A rough estimation of 96,000 (8,000 x 12 months) is what you spend on your kasama sa bahay every month.

Now, think again :)