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12 TIPS (na naging 21 kasi ang dami pala) FOR A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE:

 Welcome to College!  The world of many possibilities, circumstances and relationships. I hope that the list below will enlighten you. This is coming from used-to-be college instructor and an older sister to a college freshman.

1.  KEEP RIGHT - Oh please! When using the stairs, walking along the hallways and entering the door, be sure to keep right! At wag din makipagharutan while walking, ok?! ito!!!

2.  SHOW A PLEASANT FACE - Smile (and maybe greet anyone) whoever meets your eyes. Who knows? He could be SOMEONE e.g Registrar, teacher, school president, librarian. Sad to say, a lot of people from big schools do not give second chances. If they find you annoying, you will forever be.

3. LOVE THE MANONG GUARDS,  MANANG CANTEEN AND ATE TAGA LINIS - These people are your must haves in universties. Make friends with them. Be sure to do this sincerely.

4.  ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN AN ORGANIZATION - Develop your leadership and servanthood skills (mahirap mag maganda sa classroom, matatawag ka na epal, sa organization pwede ka magpakabibo) . Meet older students. Learn outside the classroom. Attend meetings. Be responsible to something. 

5. SIT IN FRONT - Not all teachers can memorize their students names. Make sure to be positively familiar to your professors. Iba ang pakiramdam ng kilala ng Professor. You get to relax a little.

6.  CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS - You do not need a barkada in the beginning of the school month. Observe first. Choose them wisely. The personality, character and hobbies of your friends can affect you, your upbringing and your college life. Ingat! BAD COMPANY CORRUPTS GOOD CHARACTER.

7. YOSI, BEER, BF/GF, SEX and FRAT - In college, these would appear common. It would seem everyone is doing it except for you. Most of these are tried in college. Your barkada will probably do it. WAG NG SIMULAN!! Stay away from it.

8.  BE PUNCTUAL - college is a preparation to the workforce.  If you develop the attitude of being late in attending class, late in submitting papers, late in going to mtgs or seminars, most likely, you will bring this all your life. Go to school early. Masarap maging maaga sa classroom.  Ang hirap nung pawis na pawis at hinihingal kang aakyat ng bldg. Toxic yun! 

9.  READ - Read homeworks before you pass them. Do not just google, copy, paste, print and pass. Susko, when I was a teacher, merong magpapasa ng may hyperlink pa! Gggggrrrrr!!!!
Read bulletin board announcements, maki tsismis sa school newspaper, feed your mind with novels. Instead na tumulala ka sa bus, READ! 

10.  SAY "EXCUSE ME", "THANK YOU", AND "SORRY"- This is not only for your teachers but also for your classmates, schoolmates and ates and kuyas in the university 

11.  DO NOT MEET UP WITH A PROFESSOR/GO TO THE FACULTY ROOM ALONE - For safety reasons, always have a buddy. Do not visit teachers alone. If they insist, go to the Dean.

12.  HAVE A TRUSTED PERSON - Find a "nanay" in the campus. You could always find a mentor. This could be your old professor, organization adviser, guidance counselor. When problems happen, go to them.  

 13.  HAVE SPARE COINS - You need this for photocopy, photocopy and photocopy 

14. HIDE MONEY, GADGETS, CELLPHONE - Maraming magnanakaw sa classroom, school at bus. Another thing, when using earphones, make sure not to insert plugs in both ears. Baka masasagasaan ka na, hindi mo pa alam! 

15.  BRING YOUR ID - If you forget, admit it. Don't you dare borrow from classmates. 

16. HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH AND VALUES - You will enjoy college more if you do the right things. Clean fun and jologs adventures are better than the ones that would ruin you. 

17. FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES- why are you in  the school? To STUDY - Opportunities will come in different directions. Do not spread yourself to thin. What you do now will land on your resume. Get good grades because this will be your armor when you get a job.  Again... Why are you in school? Para mag-aral diba? This could be the last 4 years of your academic life. Make the most of it. 

18.  LEARN ON YOUR OWN -  Do not expect your teacher to tell you everything.  College ka na. When you do not know, ask and read.

19.  DO NOT BE ABSENT - Hindi na uso excuse letter. Be responsible of what you will miss. Goodbye special exams, quizzes and projects. 

20.  FOCUS ON YOUR LONG TERM GOALS -  Avoid "trying things" unless you see yourself doing it for a long time.  Do not join a club just to see how it feels like.  Join and be committed to things that you see yourself doing even after college.  Sayang ang time and effort to things that won't really help you at the end.  I mean, why will you join the Taekwondo Team if you really want to swim?  And oh, you don't have to do what your barkada is doing.  In college, it is okay/normal to have your own mind.

21.  SHINE FOR GOD- Let your light shine before God. Follow rules. Do not lie. Do not cut classes just because. Do your best. Be a testimomy.

All in all, college is a jungle. Be with the crowd who will not feed you to the lions. 
At the end of the day, these people will not help you pass your subjects, assist you to get a degree, mentor you to land a job and make you succesful. It will be you.  Have fun you guys! :)

How to Make a Memory Collage

What you need:

colored papers
Pens, crayons, etc
Scissors and cutter
*Memory bank

1. Using your memory bank, recall the milestones/big news that happened on ur first year (Or any span of days you are celebrating)

2. Cut paper into squares (size would matter on the frame and number of milestones)

3. Think of pictures, drawings and or symbols you can cut and paste, sketch, and make to represent each milestone

4. Start filling up your boxes with symbols

5. Fit the boxes on the board of the frame 

6. Wrap and give  ( i did not wrap mine. Instead, I wrote a love letter)


I am a sucker of love stories.  Ang saya kaya! Fine at times not so fun BUT there is no love 
story that's not kilig at one point.  It may have ended tragically, but I am so sure that there was a point of shivers in your togetherness – imposibleng wala.

Anyway, one love story that I like telling/discussing in class or with friends (I am that advocate) is  Dead Stars .  It is a Philippine short story in English written by Paz Marquez Benitez. I read it first in HS, however I did not appreciate it that time.  But, it totally got to me when I taught it for the first time.  Yes, not when I read again it but when I discussed it in front of my high schoolers (teaching does wonders you know).

I can say that Dead Stars is my ultimate favorite Philippine Literature and I strongly believe that the most romantic line is in this 14 page story.  The line that goes like this:

“ He walked close, his hand sometimes touching hers for one whirling second.”

Aaaacccckkkkk!  KKIIILLLLIIIGGGG!!!

Imagine this:  

You are walking side by side with your crush/person you are beginning to like/person you like.  Then, the back of his hand will linger for a second on the back of your hand.  THAT ONE WHIRLING SECOND THAT TOUCHES YOUR HAND.  Oh my!  Yung hindi mo alam IF he will hold your hand or not.  That  moment!!  Not the holding hands part but the moment he could have held your hand.  That freaking .001 second!  Waaaahhhhh!!! Kinikilig ako!hahahahaha

Haaaaay.  Salute to Benitez for capturing that one second of kilig to the highest level.  Waaaaaahhhh I am so kilig! Bow. <3 font="font">

Julia Stiles meets Shakespeare

We rarely discussed sonnets in high school so I was not able to develop interest in it.  It was in college that I enjoyed reading (and memorizing) these well thought lines.  Fine, it was not an instant admiration but was more of the “pressure” to be fond of sonnets because I was a Theater student and was specializing in English.  I sensed it should be “matic” to appreciate all forms of literature because I will be teaching it (it is difficult to teach something that you don’t love).   In short, I forced myself to like sonnets.  After a sem or two, I finally grew much curiosity. - Yey! I can finally teach it with conviction.

I want to share the first sonnet I found touching.  I felt it since I was able to relate it to a poem of one of my favorite films (I think the scriptwriter meant it this way) .  I hope that this type of poetry does not make you feel intimidated at all (especially the teachers), because sonnets are just really wonderful (and remember, you will be teaching it!:P). These 14 liner poems can captivate one’s soul.  Trust me! :)

Buuuutttt, just in case you find sonnets threatening, let me help you.  What I want you to do is read the first poem below then continue with the sonnet.  These two literature pieces are related.  You will never go wrong.  There you go, start reading (aloud), then tell me what you think. 
 10 Things I Hate About You 
(from the film with the same title)

I hate the way you talk to me,
 and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car,
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots
and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick,
it even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you’re always right,
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh,
even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you’re not around,
and the fact that you didn’t call.
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,
not even close…
not even a little bit…
not even at all.

By: Shakespeare

In faith I do not love thee with mine eyes, 
For they in thee a thousand errors note;
But 'tis my heart that loves what they despise,Who, in despite of view, is pleased to dote.
Nor are mine ears with thy tongue's tune delighted;
Nor tender feeling, to base touches prone,
Nor taste, nor smell, desire to be invited
To any sensual feast with thee alone:
But my five wits nor my five senses can
Dissuade one foolish heart from serving thee,
Who leaves unswayed the likeness of a man,
Thy proud heart's slave and vassal wretch to be:
Only my plague thus far I count my gain,
That she that makes me sin awards me pain.

fell in love with Heath at this film too (I miss him...)


I teach Filipino literature so I know what Pamamanhikan is.  Aside from the relevance of this word in my teaching life, I too know that this signals many things to the couple.  It means an announcement to get married, a kick-off to wedding planning, and a family commitment to bring a girl and a boy down the altar.

Aside from the technical and cultural aspect of this wonderful Filipino custom, I also know couples who got stressed over this getting together.   Who would not be nervous, right?  Kaya naman, Bry and myself really included this in our prayer time together.  We know how important this is for us-- especially for Bry who is very mindful of our relationship with each other’s parents from the very beginning.

Along side with our desire to make this day significant and “perfect”, we started working on the preps we have to make.  Good thing, we had a chance to visit Baguio so we asked Pastor Gerson how Pamamanhikan (the Christian way—because we believe this is not only a Filipino tradition) exactly happens.  He also gave a few tips (particularly to Bryan) and suggestions for the meet-up.  After knowing of who should speak and what one must say, we decided on the banquet our families will be sharing. This actually took planning and long funny talks!   We had to consider what one eats, can bring and should prepare.  By 10 pm before the big night, we were able to finalizeJ.  At last!

Hours before the Pamamanhikan, Bryan and I made several phone calls — asking and updating each other’s whereabouts and situations (Bryan picked his parents from the airport).  The last phone call was made and I knew they were just 5 minutes away.  Okay, this is it.  Dub dub dub dub dub….

The opening of the door, pag-mamano and greetings were quick that I was not able to process that Bryan’s parents were already seated on our dining table.  Whew!  While Bry, I and Mama were reheating the Igado (YUM) that his father cooked from Ilocos, his parents leisurely talked with Pastor Vernon and his wife and Papa.  After 10 minutes, I found us sharing meals and stories.  Ayan, less pawis na.  I am starting to relax.

After the desserts, we went down to the sala where Inay was also waiting (I fetched Inay from Alfonso).  We formed a small circle and Pastor Vernon facilitated the talk.  Since we were already mid wedding planning and our parents have been consulted several times in the past, the Pamamanhikan of Bryan’s family was not that “specific” anymore.  His father first spoke and let my family know of their intentions for the visit.  Then Bryan’s mom , Inay, Mama, Bryan said a thing or two too. 

 I witnessed how both families are more than willing to have each of us as their own son and daughter.  I heard promises, stories, wishes and prayers. I saw stares of sincerity, happy parents, and oneness of desires. I remember laughters, Bry’s caress of assurance on my shoulder, warmth in my heart.  I felt God and his affirmation to our prayers that indeed,  this marriage came from Him.    

 So that was Pamamanhikan. Ganun pala yun.  This is an evidence that God moves in our traditions and culture too.  Today, as I type this, I praise God that I am a Filipino.  I am definitely a happier “bride-to-be-Pinay”.


 Below is a list of one-liners married women usually say when asked about their love stories.  These “phrases” mean nothing before, but now, I can so relate!!

  • “Wag mong hanapin, dadating din yun “ (do not look for love, it will come) – Bryan came into my life when I was fixing papers for Canada.   It was also the time when I told myself this -  “I am okay with the idea of being single forever.  Mag ta-travel na lang ako!”  Then, with a snap of a finger, I fell in love!

  • “Kabaligtaran ng gusto mo yung makakatuluyan mo” (you will not marry your type) – My boyfriend is gwapo (naman!).   He is gwapo but not my type.  Bryan is the “boy next door, goody-good” type of handsome,however, I am more attracted to “ruggedly/parang mambubugbog” type of a man.  At the end of the day, who cares? Basta gwapo, tapos ang kwento! :p

  • “May mas okay pa sa ex mo!!” (I was in love with another man) Hay, good thing I did not marry my first love!  Buti, the ex is married! (I discovered his real status after 2 years of being together -- BLOG to follow).  When I was still moving on, my thoughts were “why is my ex married? if he was not, we would have been married”.  Now, I am just sooooo thankful he has a wife. Buti na lang talaga.  Bryan is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy better!  GOOD THING, HE IS MARRIED AND I WAITED!

  • “Alam mo pag yun na” (You will know if he is the one) – With my present relationship, there is no “I hope we really end up together”, it is more of “With God, I know.  I just know.”   

  • “bata ka pa, wag magmadali” (You are still young, do not hurry love) – I started wedding planning at 30.  Need I say more?

  • “I-enjoy mo ang pagiging single, dahil iba na pag may asawa” (Enjoy single life, because once you are married, things turn upside down)Among the list, this is what I fully lived up to (buti na lang).  When I was still not committed, I grabbed all the chances of thinking for one, traveling whenever and wherever, meeting people, enjoying my hard earned (ehem) money, exploring new things, and being very spontaneous.  Looking back, no regrets. I have enjoyed my single life and though thinking for two is challenging, I know I am "ready" for this.

  • “Iba pa rin pag Christian”  (It is different when the person you are with is a “Christian”) – Oh yes! One hundred percent true.  I can probably come up with a hundred of reasons why every single person should consider this.  You may read my blog, WHY NOT, NON-C for further discussions on this. 

So, have you heard these one-liners too?  What do you have to say?


Tita Gerlyn and Pastor Vernon is one of the couples I look up to.
Tita Gerlyn is my spiritual mentor who has watched me grow (in all aspects!).
Ate Faye (far right),  is an epitome of "it is okay to be single"
Ate angel (middle) told me that "it is ok to be single than marry the wrong person".
Ate Dot naman, was the first woman who inspired me to pray weddings and marriage.
When I first walked into her home in Baguio (2003), I was like, gusto kong ikasal! :)
My tita (s) who all told me that I should find a man stronger than me.
They all proved that Dimanligs can me submissive! I miss them all!
My College Professor/mentor, Mam Cerbo (middle).  She affirmed our love story.
 She always knows what to say. :) 
The mom who made me witness that one can be friends with her kids.
I miss our morning talks Mam Tetel!  Thanks for being our cheerleader!


I have been single up until I was 25 years old.  I was one of the girls who decided to only enter relationships when I know I am ready to get married.  With this idea stuck in my head, I had a chance to fully enjoy my single life.  Wait, fun for me did not mean playing around. It was more of culture immersions, meeting people, trying different and wholesome activities, volunteering to community work, traveling, studying, and basically, thinking for myself.  Sounds egoistic? Maybe.  It was fun though :P.  I got to do what I want, anytime with anyone.  Spell FREEDOM.

biking at Boracay - 2005
Puerto Galera
Now that I said yes to marriage, spell ADJUSTMENT.  I can now distinguish the difference between the worlds of being unattached to the world of being committed (in its truest essence).  Worlds that are diverse yet intertwined.  In the beginning of our relationship, I thought I could pull this off easily, but oh man, I was so wrong!

One of the adjustments I have to exert effort to is, thinking for two.  This is from scheduling, to budgeting, to going out (with him or without him), to dressing up, to almost everything.  I am not complaining, it is just that, all my life, I have only considered myself.  I do not ask for anyone’s opinion.  Alone or with someone, I move on with my plans.  This is me!   Now, it is different.   I have to regard what he suggests and thinks (which is just right, db?).
Another tuning I had to do is, trying things for him (which I enjoy).  I now cook.   I have been cooking but I only prepare what I eat. Now, I look into the cuisines that he loves.  The cooler part is when he tastes it.  Sometimes, I get it perfect, but minsan singko (according to Bry, the effort is always uno, naks).  Good thing, I am marrying an Ilokano, thus boiled veggies will complete his meal - jackpot! What worries me though is when I start to think that this is would be a routine.  When I have to wake up early and prepare food on the table -- inspired or not.  Hay, I wish I would have Mama’s energy and passion for this. 

Aside from cooking, I am also starting to be extra responsible at chores and home care.  My parents’ decision on allowing me to live on my own has been so helpful. When I moved out, I told myself, party –party na to!  I was wrong though.  Being alone made me go home early because I had dishes to keep, restroom to clean, clothes to fold and a little home to sanitize.  Plus the unending question of, “Ano kaya lulutuin ko mamaya?”  Not to mention the budgeting I had to do.  Haaaay, the joys and pains of living alone.  What a life learning experience!

Sounds fun? I am sure it is, and it looks like a big change too.  Thinking for two and taking good care of a home and another person (plus other undiscovered paths) seems overwhelming but wonderful.   Am I just magnifying things? Maybe.  Knowing myself, I would rather prepare than be caught off guard.  Nevertheless, I am still single, so spell PRACTICE.

Below are a few of my single-spontaneous-get-aways:

about to leave Bohol.  Cebu, next

River wading at Bohol