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I have been juggling 4 events for the past few weeks.  I can’t believe I am so busy freelancing!  It is actually quite challenging to get up, work without a boss and not be distracted by social media, news about our new President, Pinterest, recipes, etc.  In short, the struggle is real!  Not to mention I do not have to time in and out! Plus the gloomy weather and the irresistible bed! Haay!!

Going back, I have been hectic with 4 things:  IDO!Hosting, Angat Pilipinas Premium Workshop and Awards Night, Freelancing Fair, and Ready to Marry.  A little bit too much but thrilled I am doing it all at the same time.  Let me give you the details I am excited and thankful about!

IDO!Hosting is what I have been doing permanently.  I am an event host and I do emceeing on wedding receptions, debuts, corporate events, christening, etc.  I launched myself as a professional host last December because I am practically doing it all my life!  Since my educational background is Theater and I have 8 years of experience in teaching English, I decided to do it “for work”.  Since December, I have not had a zero event in a month! I guess, we just gotta do what we gotta do!  If you want to know how I started freelancing, check this out! 

Angat Pilipinas Premium Workshop and Awards Night is a huge event that Ginger Arboleda (OIC of Manila Workshops) trusted me with.  This half day workshop and Awards Night will happen on September 24 at the Tent Acacia Estates, Taguig. I am pleased to be working with the men and women behind Angat Pilipinas whose advocacy is to empower Filipinos through financial freedom.  They have been doing trainings, encouraging OFWs and organizing events to enable Pinoys to start their business, be free from debts and be financially secured. 

The awards night will honor fellow Filipinos who have been helping out in the same advocacy as Angat Pilipinas.  Let me share to you the links that you can visit:

Freelancing Fair is the first for the Philippines and first for Manila Workshops!  Looking at its title, it is a day for freelancers (just like a job fair)!  I am in-charge of Logistics and has been helping out here and there as well!  I will let you know more about this event soonest!

Team Meeting at BGC

Ready to Marry.  Let me begin by saying this is what I am most excited and nervous about.  This is a workshop that I have envisioned, dreamed about, shared with my husband and closest friends, prayed for (and still praying about), and discussed with Manila Workshops.  This is something very close to my heart!!  Ready to Marry is an intimate talk on marriage and weddings.  I have always believed that preps for the wedding and the life ahead should go hand in hand, not break your budget and should be looked into (especially the marriage part).  This is the #hugot of this workshop.  I am really trusting that the engaged couples would consider seating down with the experts and learn on what they are getting into!

The workshop fee us 2,500 per couple (8:00-3:30).  Inclusive of lunch and kit.  

If you want to be #readytomarry register here:


I was checking out Facebook when I saw an article that suggests that a husband should be treated like a best friend.  I must say I was not convinced.

I believe that the best way to treat a husband is to treat him like a husband.

I am not a marriage expert nor a woman who has been married for a long time, but  I want to acknowledge God, who by the way, initiated marriage.  Therefore, He also has the say of how it should be.  Marriage has a very wonderful and unique design and it could only be at its best if couples will follow God’s blueprint. 

What is the basic plan?

Husbands, love your wife.  Wives, respect and submit to your husbands. 

Obviously, this is not how we treat our best buddies.  Why?  Because again, marriage is so special that God has designed an exceptional plan to make it work beautifully. 

Day to day, I strive to be the best wife to Bryan and day to day I falter. Nonetheless, instead of losing hope and being a mediocre wife, I cling on to God's grace because He alone can sustain me.  

What do I do?  I make sure I don't treat him like a friend because if that would be the case, I would not be intentional in serving, loving and submitting to him.  That would also mean taking him for granted and hoping that we can easilly re-connect, as if nothing has changed. And also that would mean getting mad at him and not doing anything about it because I know we would make peace in a few days.  

Yes, I think you can be friends with your hubsters, but may consider treating him like a husband first, then the rest of the "relationship types" can follow.

What do you think?  Maybe the video can also help 


This is probably the most rewarding, fulfulling and productive vday I have ever had. To begin, I spent it with Bryan. Then we had the chance to do the things we love that looked forward doing since we werw engaged with the people that matters to us.

It was Feb 13, Saturday when the Singles Fellowship of CCF Muntinlupa had the Event entitled
"On a Personal Note, Ang Concert ng Sari-Saring Love Stories".  This music night featured the different phases of love thru songs.  The ambiance was so relaxed, fun and interactive.  Parang group videoke lang!  This fun night turned out to be more special because Bryan and I had a chance to share how God puzzled our stories, lives and hearts together.  Such a pleasure to speak about our friendship, engagement and marriage. 

full house at Qaldi Coffee Bar
with Joy

On the second day of our Vday weekend, we spent it with our D-group (young couples) a.k.a Sanity friends.  It was such a fun meet-up because we got to answer a few questions from the youth of Danielle's home church..  Here are some of the inquiries we got:

1.  Paano ko po malalaman kung mahal ako nung babae?
2.  Ilang taon po pwedeng mag-asawa?
3.  Bakit po hindi ako crush ng crush ko?
4.  may nangyari po sakin nung bata ako, may magmamahal pa po ba na lalaki sa akin?

After our 45 minutes question and answer stint, we gather to talk about God's design for marriage.

panel :)

To cap-off, we are so thankful that we had a chance to share our love for each other and God's love to us.  It would be difficult to stay in-love without His love and grace.  My desire is we would know what God's love is all about because this is the only way we can truly love each other.  (Please check Risen's ribbon below hehe)

Aaaannnddd wait, let me share the sprinkles on top of my full vday.  It ended so sweetly.  Thank you, Bryan!  I can't wait to love you more and tell the world about it!


Three on three.  

Our little family of three celebrated our third year wedding anniversary last December 5-6 2015 at Crimson Hotel Alabang.  We chose Crimson because they were on promo while we were picking out a hotel for our staycation. 
We got a de luxe room that came with a breakfast buffet for only 4,000 pesos 
(it is normally 6k + +).  What a treat, right?

The first day was spent with my parents on the pool side.  We ordered a Tea Time Treat (coffee and pastries  for 675 nett) that is supposedly only good for two people but ended up fulfilling 4 1/2 tummies plus 3 pcs of cookies for take-out.  They were really sweet (that's why it is for more than 2 people), yummy, interesting and satisfying.

The room has a huge and a really really dreamy bed.  
The view was also lovely at night.  

And, tadaaaahhhh! Breakfast!  The most important part of my hotel stay. I won't say much except that we stayed for 2 hours in our table. haha

Let me share to you the breakfast buffet spread.


I thought that only the toddler stage experiences "terrible two".  I did not know that a couple who has been married for two years and up, can also experience this.  This is the time when I sometimes feel that Bryan is terribble  (or the other way around, of course), or I am drawn that the relationship I am in sucks.

I think this happens because...

1.  What looks cute when we were bf-gf, is kind of annoying now.
2.  The little things that I remind my husband about (and again vice-versa) is ALWAYS  forgotten!
           e.g.  Bryan does not like pushing back the chairs he uses and I never wash the dishes (even the                    teaspoons I use for my coffee)
3.  We get physically tired and there are errands that have to be done
4.  We discover qualities that makes us say "Ganyan ka pala!"
5.   I strongly want this, he wants the other badly.
6.  We are two sinful human beings trying to be great in this messy world

So yes, we have been having disagreements and making up this year. We seldom fought on  the first year of our marriage, so this year brought disappointments.  Of course, this is normal naman, however, it should still be faced. These little fights, if not dealt with, may lead to serious complications that can harm us and Risen.

We are on the look out.  I am sharing some things we have been doing because we want our story to help those who are having little difficulties here and there too.  So here...

1.  We have two support groups at the moment from CCF Muntinlupa.  One is the Dgroup under Ptr Roy and Tita Lyn and one is under Albert and Viv.  The first mostly looks into our spiritual growth, ministry, and relationship with the Lord while the second is a community for marriage and parenthood.  These are some of the trusted people whose "kamusta?" is as deep as the Pacific ocean.

2.  We have once a week devotions.  During this time, we try to air our sentiments, questions, stories that are essential to our marriage.  This is intentional. As much as possible we talk about issues, hurts (if there are any), and others. At least once a week we figure out how we are doing as a wife and husband, if we have been improving or lagging.  Marriage is work.  That is why we have to intentionally (love this word) work on it.

3.  Since some of our quarrels is on how to raise Risen, we have decided to read books on parenting and not based everything on how our lovely parents did it.  In books, we receive "expert" advice wherein we can both discuss wihout any biasses.

4.  We go out and spend quality time together.  We buy bottles of wine and chips on those moments we can't leave Risen.  We save for staycations and short trips.  We bond.  We explore places and restaurants.  We make each other as the best buddies we can ever have.

5.  We give each other space  (Since I do not work and I have a gazillion friends, I usually ask for this).  I go out with my friends alone.  I take day-offs.

6.  We both accept the things that won't harm our marriage with a smile,   I just push back the chairs he uses and he washes the teaspoons I used for my coffee.  So there, walang away ;)

7.  We acknowledge and we give way to God's help, direction and guidance.  We have to make sure that we are both growing closer to Him because this is the only way to be closer to each other.  God helps us say "sorry", forgive, and love when we find each other unlovable.

I love being married to an imperfect guy named Bryan.  He is perfect for the imperfect wife like me. To end, let me share this thought...

image not mine


1.   I will never find someone like him/her - Well this is actually partly true because each person is unique so most probably you will never meet someone the same.  However, on the context of "she is the best and I will never find another best", this is NOT true at all.  Unfair naman yan sa mga single who are making sure they are at their best when the right love comes.  Soooo, no, the girl or boy that you just break-up with is NOT the best (for you).
2.  I will never love someone the same way as I did - To begin, we are not suppose to measure love because love is as it is.  Let me remind you that effort is not the same as loving.  Maybe, you gave it all your best because you are so desperate to save the relationship and NOT because you love the person.  Being in a relationship is not suppose to be saving what you have.  It should just be plain loving. So yes, maybe you will never "love someone the way you did".  You know why? because the right kind of love is not heavy.  It is effortless, not stressful, definitely not tiring. 

3.  I will never get married - You just broke up with one boy/girl, not to all the men/women in the world.  Wag mo idamay yung iba;)

4.  I will never move-on - Yes, you will not be better tomorrow or maybe in the coming weeks.  However, after a year, you will be able to.  Do not rush happiness.  Let loneliness come and stay.  Wallow on it if you have to. I am sure, after some time, this place and that place won't remind you of him or her na.  You will be able to move on.  Time will help.

5.  He/She did not love me at all - If we are talking about a serious and long term relationship, I believe he/she loved you.  No one will stay with a crazy person like you unless they are drawn to you.   And come on, you were together for some time because you knew he loved you.  So yes, he/she loved you!! (Actually, this is not important na kasi break na nga kayo, diba? ;))

6.  He will always be special - Nah.  I don't think so.  Yes, the memories will be there (unless Amnesia gets in the way), but him or her remaining special? No.  His face will fade.  You might even soon forget special dates.  Even the moments you had together.  So, no.  He will not remain special.  I really don't think so.

7.  I wish we'd remain friends -  Why would you want to be friends with your ex?  Wala ka na bang ibang friends? Seriously, the worse thing a boy or girl can do is to be "instant friends" after a break-up.  Of course it can happen naman, but not right away.  And again, why would you want to be friends? Be careful of what you wish for!

8.  I do not want to love again - A break-up, an abusive relationship, or a heartbreak can really be traumatic.  I will accept that you don't want to love at this time, however, only this time, okay?  Promise me that once you have settled, you will love again.  Because, love, when done rightly and with the right man/woman is something that is worth being brave for.  And when the moment comes that God hands you the love story He has for you, embrace it -  seize it.  Because this time (and when you obey God's will), there will be no more break-ups!


I believe there are two kinds of best in the world - 
the best on our perspective
 and the best according to God's eyes plan  

I can still painfully remember (yes, may kurot pa din) the moment when we were scrolling down to check Bryan's name in the list of Bar passers - he was seated on his chair while I was on his back, my two hands on his shoulders.  Both our eyes did not blink when we were reading the surnames of the succesful bar examinees.  It just remained closed for a long time when I started to crying as I hugged Bryan from the back.  

I can say it was the most painful stage we have gone through as a married couple so far.  Since I knew Bryan's childhood dream is to be called an attorney, I too fell in love with this profession.  I imagined myself being a wife of a lawyer.  However, many of you know, this dream did not happen (he failed by 0.45), and as of the moment, my husband remains to be a professor in the College of Liberal Arts in Adamson University.

As we were moving on from this sad news, we thought hard on why he was not allowed to pass.  On why God said "no".  Everyone believed in him.  We were certain that this will be the best for our little family.  We claimed it was also a part of God's agenda.  We were convinced that since we offered everything in prayer, and because Bryan did his part, God willl give us the best.  And this best is the title Attorney to the name Bryan Eli Bagasin Sadorra.  

People comforted us by telling that God has other better plans.  We know and believe this, but we have to be honest that there were times this was difficult to see.  I saw myself asking "God, bakit hindi pwedeng maging lawyer si Bryan?  What can be better than this?"  Now that it has been almost a year that my husband took the bar exams, I may not still see God's bigger agenda, however, in my heart I am thankful he is still a teacher.

I am thankful for the short working days, long and paid holidays (summer, semestral break, Christmas vacation),  cancellation of classes (due to programmes) and weekends that Bryan has.  His schedule is not hectic.  He is an available husband, hands-on dad, and a relaxed member of our house.  No stress at work. No overtime.  No competition with his schedule. He does not give us what is left of him because when he comes home (the sun is still up) he is still a ball of energy.

Another thing I am happy about is the friendly, no compromise and healthy working environment.  I worked once in Adamson so I know that one way or another, Bryan is in "good hands".  His friends all go home after work (Bakit nga ba kayo ganyan? Mag kape naman kayo minsan after class!!), they are all family oriented, they have good laughs in between classes, and they treat us as family.  Nothing more I could ask for.

Lastly, we have time for God and his ministry.  To be honest, I am not sure if we can be this active in church (which we are super duper so happy about) if Bryan has another line of work. But as of the moment, we are really grateful for the chance to journey with people.  To serve God and be a witness on how He moves to the lives of the people we are with.

As I type this, I am asking myself if  "I am just bitter".  Well, maybe, sometimes.  However, I am more focused on the idea that this is what is best from God's perspective.  And since we love and trust Him, we should see the beauty of His plan. There is life after a failure.  There is beauty when we align our perspective to His.  Yes, I still want my husband to take the bar exams, but as of the moment, I will enjoy what we have.  

This is from God. This is the other best. This is what is truly the best.


Sometimes when we are in the supermarket, I would see Bryan check out Pringles.  He would get one, study it for 3 or 5 seconds then place it back on the shelf.

We could afford to buy Pringles, but it is something that we can do every pay out.  We have to be "wise" on our spending (basing on the quality and amount) because we only have this much.   Example, when we go to certain restaurants I always make sure I sort of plan what we can have.  I check the menus online or check Metrodeal of they have a good offer.  Not naman depriving ourselves of food (basic need) but just making sure we have the funds to go with it that if we plan to eat our again, pwede.

As many of you know, Bryan is the only one who "works" for us.  I may have freelance job too but we try not to touch it for emergency purposes.  Up until now, we actually do not know how his salary fits.  Not intending on putting down Bryan nor on his ability to provide, but I am sure that the other moms who budget  are also surprised on how a couple of thousands can go miles.  talk about Accounting 101. And in many occasions, may extra pa!  It must really be the Lord!  Ang galing!  Truly, where God leads, He provides.

But yun nga lang, we sometimes can't afford the "other stuff".  The spontaneous, "tara alis tayo".  Or the usual "I am craving for this, I am gonna buy one NOW", or the latest of this gadget and that new something.  We can't.  But again, when I see Risen, who is the reason why I do not have a fixed income, my heart is calmed.  I am totally okay with it.  The Pringles and the other stuff can wait.  As of this season, the little boy badly needs me.

I am sure that the mothers who choose to work have believable and valid reasons.  Each mom does what is best for her family.  Working or stay-at-home, we rock mommies!

And another thing, last week, Bryan got his Pringles!!hahaha


Yes, you are hearing this from someone who has been enjoying marriage for almost three years now.  I guess, this is the main reason why I am "warning" those who want to get married to consider the following below.  We have seen how a marriage could be ugly if done carelessly. It can be disappointing if you just jump on it. In many of our intentional talks about our relationship, we have seen how it really takes two  three (God plus us) to run this commitement.

1.  If you are a believer and follower of Jesus, marry someone of the same faith.  I have heard girls (and some boys) say that "okay lang, kasi mabait at responsible naman".  Let me tell you straight that in many decisions that you will make as a husband and wife, you do not need a man who is only kind and responsible.  Go, ask christian couples.  See what they have to say.  I am sure they would tell you that you need a man who will solely rely on God and His direction for your lives. I hope the hand you are holding now is the kind of hands who open up the Bible and commune with God thru prayer.  Because again, hindi pwedeng mabait lang.  Let me convince you more.  Read this

2.  Consider having your own home/apartment first.  Leave and cleave.  Allow your husband to be a leader or your wife to be a real homemaker.  After all, marriage is all about to having your own family so let it be.  It feels good to play "lutu-lutuan" and "bahay-bahayan" with the person you married.  Money may be an issue here, with that, go back to my title - "Wait!! Do Not Get Married Yet!".  To add read up on what Maricar Reyes has to say (wife to Ricahrd Poon) on this.

3.  Be sure to keep an "after wedding money".  A lot of people have told me to never borrow money (loan, use credit card, ask for money, etc) for a wedding because it is not good to start a new life with utang.  I agree with this, plus, to make sure to not spend all your savings for the wedding.  The married life is more important than the event that will only happen for a day. It would be nice if you could follow-up a wedding with spontaneous dates, staycations or even family visits.  Remember that a wedding should not make you broke.  It needs not be expensive.  You can always DIY, invite the closests, be a minimalist and creative.

second night as a married couple in Estancia Tagaytay

4.  Plan a honeymoon.  The first thing that we paid for was our plane ticket to Bangkok and Phuket.  We do not have anything yet but we already had bookings for honeymoon (which I am very glad we did).  Yes, we were that excited! I guess that for a couple who decided to wait (our first kiss was at the altar), this is something that is really cherished and looked forward too.  Our seven day honeymoon plus a long vacation was so worth the wait.  I hope you will choose to really enjoy your honeymoon too.

5. Having a baby can be "accepted" but it should not be a reason to get married.  I do not know how to put this without being too direct.  Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.  A baby does not only need parents.  He would want a mother and a father who loves each other as well.

6.  Talk about it.  Do not just discuss it between the two of you but have someone guide you, ask you difficult questions, mentor you and show you what marriage is all about.  Yes, marriage is different from every couple, but it would not hurt to get wisdom from the seasoned ones.  It will helpful to see what could be difficult and answer it with all honesty because one way or another, you will have to deal with it in the future. 

7.  Marry for the right reasons.  Not because you want to escape from responsibilities, not because you want to be away from home, not because to have a family (because what if God won't give you kids?), not because you are already old, not because of financial freedon, not because of convenience.  Get married because you have chosen to love and will choose to love the same person for a lifetime and lastly and most importantly, because it is clear that this is what God wants you to be and do.