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This is probably the most rewarding, fulfulling and productive vday I have ever had. To begin, I spent it with Bryan. Then we had the chance to do the things we love that looked forward doing since we werw engaged with the people that matters to us.

It was Feb 13, Saturday when the Singles Fellowship of CCF Muntinlupa had the Event entitled
"On a Personal Note, Ang Concert ng Sari-Saring Love Stories".  This music night featured the different phases of love thru songs.  The ambiance was so relaxed, fun and interactive.  Parang group videoke lang!  This fun night turned out to be more special because Bryan and I had a chance to share how God puzzled our stories, lives and hearts together.  Such a pleasure to speak about our friendship, engagement and marriage. 

full house at Qaldi Coffee Bar
with Joy

On the second day of our Vday weekend, we spent it with our D-group (young couples) a.k.a Sanity friends.  It was such a fun meet-up because we got to answer a few questions from the youth of Danielle's home church..  Here are some of the inquiries we got:

1.  Paano ko po malalaman kung mahal ako nung babae?
2.  Ilang taon po pwedeng mag-asawa?
3.  Bakit po hindi ako crush ng crush ko?
4.  may nangyari po sakin nung bata ako, may magmamahal pa po ba na lalaki sa akin?

After our 45 minutes question and answer stint, we gather to talk about God's design for marriage.

panel :)

To cap-off, we are so thankful that we had a chance to share our love for each other and God's love to us.  It would be difficult to stay in-love without His love and grace.  My desire is we would know what God's love is all about because this is the only way we can truly love each other.  (Please check Risen's ribbon below hehe)

Aaaannnddd wait, let me share the sprinkles on top of my full vday.  It ended so sweetly.  Thank you, Bryan!  I can't wait to love you more and tell the world about it!