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We moved in to Carmona last May and one of the things I looked for is a salon.  If you are a woman, you would understand.  A spot that makes you beautiful, is a happy place for us.  If you want us to be energized, inspired and relaxed -- pamper us!!

And guess what?  There is no parlor in Carmona!  Well, actually, meron naman..But most are non-airconditioned, does not have trusty nail polishes, hard to locate, and lastly, does not offer a variety of services.  That is why, I made sure I was there at the opening of Celebrity salon (Puregold Carmona).  As early as 9am of January 8, I was already chatting with the friendly staff.  

Natuwa ako because they have what I want -- in one place!  Massage, spa, and hair care!! And guess what? You do not have to save for every visit because it is affordable. 

OPEN FROM 9:30 AM TO 8:30 PM


I have not been blogging coz we have been busy packing! 
I am so glad to be back to blogging and the south! WUUHOOOOO!!!

We now reside in a townhouse in Carmona.  Praise God!  We have been waiting, praying, waiting, praying, waiting and praying since December of 2014 and finally, He granted us with a home back in the south!

We officially moved in last April 7, 2016 (Thursday)  and had our first batch of guests for a house blessing last April 9 and second batch the next day.

So glad to be able to open our house to our people close to our hearts.  Excited to welcome our dear relatives and friends in the days to come.

Visit us? Tara!!