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He jumped from stool (a foot high) and was stopped on the process.  Though I immediately heard his cry and saw his pain, I thought he will be "fine" in a bit.  I asked him to take a rest and watch a video as a put a sling (using a lampin) on his arm.

Our usual bedtime routine continued with extra care on his arm.  He cried a little when we changed his clothes so me and Bryan got a little convinced that maybe he is really hurt.  As we read books to Risen is still unable to move his arm so we decided that if he won't be comfortable in his sleep,we would bring him to Manila Doctors Hospital.

At around 7pm, he was able to sleep and at 9:00 pm, me and Bryan started to settle in our bed too. However, I heard a long scream and a loud cry at around 10:00pm.  I carried him which made him cry more (the loudest I have ever heard!!).  I looked at Bryan and we both know we had to drive to the hospital.

We were thankful for the fast and efficient medical staff of Manila Doctors Hospital.  They knew what to do.  Risen had an x-ray right away and the Ortho saw that he did not fracture his arm.  The initial finding was Muscle strain.  However, we were advised to monitor pain because there is a certain kind of fracture called Greenstick fracture that can't be seen in the x-ray.  The Ortho said that if the pain will continue for 2 days, it will be best for us to go back.  After putting a sling to Risen and giving him Ibuprofen, we were sent home at 1:30 am.

Risen was still awake on our way home and me and Bryan were totally hungry! We decided to drive-thru Jolibee and feast before sleeping.  We tried to put Risen to sleep first but he said "nam-nam" (food) and juice - I guess the crying and the pain also made him hungry!!  Haaaay, at this time, me and Bryan are calmer. Thank God for His provision and protection.

snacking at 2am

the morning after our ER incident

Before I end this blog, let me turn this to more than just a story.  I hope that you can learn from our experience.  Below are the things I hope you would also find helpful.

1.  If thinking of going or not going to the ER, the better option is to go

2.  Toddlers can suffer from fracture and sprains.  According to the Ortho, It is NOT true that hindi napipilayan ang mga bata

3.  When there is a discomfort or a suspected sprain or fracture remember RICE.  Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  For more information, read this, mommies.

4.  Save-up for emergency money

5.  Read up on safety and first-aid.  It feels good to know what to do 

Three "Ordinary" Things That Your Toddler Does Not Really Need

1.  Sounding Toothbrush - This cute sounding toothbrush is a possible source of fight during wash time.  Since it creates sounds, the tendency is for the toddler to get and play with it.  There goes the wrestling match during bath time between mommy and baby!

2.  Puzzle Mats - Puzzle mats are important!  You can place it in your play areas, rooms and any other places where your toddlers stay.  However, the puzzle mats that contain letters and shapes take time to tidy!  Mommies would usually take time to match the mats with the letters and this is not good during busy days (actually, even on normal days).  So if you want a pack and play kind of mat, choose the biggest sizes without that does not contain letters to match.  I suggest you pick the mat right below.

image from

image from

3.  Toys that are not for their age - This one does not really work.  If the toy is for 5 years old and above, a 2 year old will not be able to maximize its usage.  Aside from it may contain small parts that are dangerous to kids, it is not just worth it.  I have seen moms who pushed the idea that their child is "mature" enough to handle the toy.  Unluckily, I have seen the same mothers regret getting the inappropriate toys for their kids.  Let us take it from them and not commit the same mistakes.

How To Enjoy a Children's Party with your Toddler

Children's party are not only for kids.  In the Philippines, this is also the perfect time for parents to socialize with other parents.  Birthday celebrations could also be like a semi reunion or a quick catch up with relatives, friends and officemates.  However, this can be difficult with a toddler.  It is quite challenging to share stories with other guests when your little one likes to run around, play with other toddlers or just be a typical kiddo who would want his freedom in a crowded room.

Last Saturday, we were invited to Dria's first birthday and dedication.  We were really excited to spend a late afternoon with our Discipleship group from CCF Muntinlupa that we made sure we are "party ready" with Risen.  These are the things that we did, and hopefully, you could get a tip or two:


1.  Eat before leaving - This goes for both the toddler and parents.  Hunger could make the baby cranky and parents impatient.  Note that most parties would have programme and games first. If you leave the house with a full stomach, chances are, you will be ready to eat again (but not famished) once the food is served.

our handsome husbands ready to party (and attack the buffet table)!!

2. Parents, wear dark clothes - Avoid the white, beige, and pastel colors. Why? because any parent does not want food stain from his toddler's face and hand.  To be safe, use dark colored tops.  This would make spaghetti sauce, ketchup and soda spills invisible.

3.  Allow your toddler to participate in the party.  Risen only stayed on his kiddie chair for like 5 minutes.  However, that was still 5 minutes!! For a toddler whose parents were 3 yards away, that was awesome! Besides, this could be a good training for them.  Someday, they will have to party on their own. Just keep those wathcful eyes, parents!  

4,  Once the food is served, decide who will eat first.  It  is either the mommy or daddy (unless you have a yaya with you).

5.  Speaking of a yaya, ask your party host if you could bring one ;)  

6.  Accept the mess your child will bring on the table.  Feeding a toddler could be difficult, untidy and chaotic so just let it be and do not expect your son to eat like a gentleman.  Yes, food will be dropped, drinks might be all over the place and there might be a spill here and there.  Embrace it mommies, you are with a toddler!  

7.  Bring a stroller or ask for a kiddie chair from the venue host.  This will at least make your child stay seated while eating.

8.  Do not forget to pack the following:  extra set of clothes, wipes, tissue, water, cookies (or any comfort food), and lotsa party spirit!

Thanks for the invite again, Dria.  Please do not tell your dad that Risen stole a kiss from you! hihihi

How to Peacefully Do your Grocery with a Toddler

Today, I did grocery shopping with Risen.  I thought it would be impossible to go to a supermarket and tick off a long list of things to buy.  I was surprised to find out it could actually be a great time!  If you are having doubts or any problems doing errands with your 18 month old baby, check these tips I made for you.

Before leaving…

1.     Plan ahead.  Doing duties outside the house with your child must not be spontaneous
2.     Choose a time where your son or daughter does not have to sleep or have a meal.  Normally, when a child is hungry or sleepy, he becomes cranky. 
3.     Pick a short route and traffic free hour.
4.     Wear comfy and “safe” clothes.  This goes for you and your baby.  Be dressed in a kind of attire wherein leaning forward, carrying your son, picking up something on the floor or bending sideways won’t be a problem.
5.     Have a complete bag of essentials for your little one. 
     o   Milk and bottles
     o   Water
     o   Snack
     o   Wipes
     o   Towel
     o   Diaper
     o   Extra clothes
     o   Alcohol
6.     Instead of bringing your heavyweight mommy bag, carry a small sling bag. This will make sure you have the energy and space to carry your toddler if you have to.
7.     Prepare a grocery list and stick to it.
8.     Buckle-up (assuming your child has a car seat) and drive safe
9.     Park where there would be a good room to maneuver your cart (assuming you will end up with 3-4 bags in a cart).  Pick a "safe" area as well.

In the grocery…

1.     Choose a manageable cart.  Some carts are difficult to steer.
2.     When strolling along “safe aisles”, meaning nothing stacked will be broken, allow your child to walk around.  This would permit him to explore safely.  Note that putting your child inside the cart will create boredom.  
3.     Avoid allowing your toddler to open and munch on what you are buying.  Do not start a habit that you would want to break in the long run.  Make sure all snack items will not be unwrapped while you are doing the grocery.  Again, you do not want to equate grocery time = “I can open anything and eat what I want”
4.     When buying bottled items, keep your kiddo inside the cart.
5.     If your child is bored, the best temporary play area is the noodles or pasta section.
6.  Use this time as a learning activity.  Count, sing, read, teach colors and shape.  I have seen parents who allow their kids to use tabs.  This is sad.  Your kiddos (especially the pre-schoolers) can learn fraction, costing, food pyramid, and a lot of other things in the grocery!!
7.     When paying, check if you could use the lane for senior citizens and pregnant customers.  Malay mo, makalusot? ;)
8.  Do not rush.  Maybe a little Hide and Seek wouldn't hurt.   
9.  Carry your child while the cashier is scanning and placing your goods in bags.  I had an experience where I was not able to collect everything I paid for because I was so busy looking after Risen.  (I think the lady did not place some of the items I bought inside the grocery bag)

When going home…

1.     It would be wise not to go home right away.  Instead play a little.  Why? Since your child has been inside the cart most of the time, it would not be a good idea to buckle him right away in his car seat.
2.     Secure the grocery in your trunk first (it would be better if you can ask someone to assist you).  If you do not have help,  allow your child to stay in the cart as you do this.  Look around just to check if there are any malicious looking people.    That is why it is best to park near a guard, well lighted and busy area.  After checking, buckle-up your son.
3.     Watch out for the doors and keys.  You do not want to leave the keys inside a locked car with your little one inside.
4.     Hopefully, it would be milk time on your way home.  A bottle of milk is safe for a toddler to handle alone than biscuits or juice.
5.     Drive safe.

Promise, it would be fun.  Try it! :)