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Do not get me wrong, I am happily married with Bryan but I just want to remind those who are so excited (too giddy that they only see the romantic aspect) to get married to look into the "non-romantic" side.  At times, we only see the beauty of being together with our one great love that we do not think about the possibilities of the future.  Though these issues may be inevitable, it is still good to check our hearts and minds if we are ready to be selfless, delay or give-up the things we have been so used to and or support someone as we abandon what makes us alive.

It is always good to sit down and check with our future spouse if they would be willing to compromise on certain aspects of their lives.  At the end of the day, married couples are still individuals who have ambitions, likes, dreams and curiosities.  Enumerate the things that you still want to do and things that you would be willing to give-up.

Take I, for example.  I was not able to finish my Masters when I was single and I believe it would be difficult now.  Is finishing my Masters a dream? Definitely a "yes!!".  Do I think I can enroll anytime? "Nope" - Going back to school would mean expenses, less time with my little family, shorter sleep and almost zero social life.  So, hindi na lang muna.  There goes my dream of finishing my Masters.  It is slowly fading away.

Another thing that I had to give up are my lakwatsa days.  I used to travel A LOT and obviously I can't do this now.  As much as I want to be spontaneous and go places, hindi na pwede.  Not that Bryan does not like going around, it is just that we have to consider ourselves plus Risen.  We need to check our skeds, safety, environment will go to, health, budget, weather, etc.  Before kasi, walang isip isip.  Alis lang ng alis ;)

Lastly, remember the bag and shoes you have been eyeing? That new gadget that you promised yourself you will buy the next payday? That too might not be easy to get.  When you get married, your money is not yours anymore.  It is already a "shared resource" for bills, rents, vaccines, emergency stuff, etc. 

So, singles, know what you want and enjoy it now.  Keep dreaming and aspiring (and actively doing something about it) because  you might not have the room for it when you get married.  It is important that you enjoy what you love now so you will not regret slowing down when you tie the knot.  At least, you can say "na-enjoy ko na yan!  ok lang kahit hindi ko na magawa or mabili ngayon..."

Let this be a warning to all singles.  Your life will change when you get married and have a family.  Be sure that aside from being in love and or pregnant (sorry I had to be direct), you have other reasons of walking down the aisle. It is better to be single than to marry for the wrong reasons.

I am not being negative, just being realistic.  This is me showing you the "other side" of marriage. I love being married and I think I am enjoying it because I knew or accepted from the beginning which can't me mine anymore!   However, if you married "early" or for the "wrong" reasons, God's wonderful plans did not change.  I am sure He has all these good things for you as well!   He can work and redeem your love story!

Think about it.  Pray hard.  Ingat! :)


Do you remember the time you had to wait for a long line to end? Then amidst of all the heat, sweaty people, chaos and hunger you suddenly become so thankful because you have a good book in your bag or bumped into a long lost friend? This is the time you find yourself saying "haaay! buti na lang andito ka!!!"

Bryan and I are in the season of waiting.  And, as many would know, it is not easy to wait especially when you already did your best, put out resources and prayed hard.

On the other hand, I am just more than happy that I am waiting with Bryan.  He is like a good book in this long queue of waiting. Though we have been watching the clock lately, we are all good. I am blessed to have a man who does not base his decisions on luck, or on "bahala na", or on pera pera (meaning, maraming pera dito, so dito tayo), or on feelings or on any other attractions given by the world.  My husband is not perfect and will never be but I am overwhelmed because He tries His very best to obey God and the Bible in every decision he /we have to make.

Having a wonderful husband and an awesome God does not make life "problem free", however, it could give you a sense of peace and direction.

We still struggle and sin.  We still become impatient when asked to wait.  Our marriage life is at times messy, however, amidst all this I am beyond thankful because my leader is Bryan whose leader is God.  It may a long line ahead, but really, I won't mind - I have him and we have Jesus.

So single ladies (sorry I did not expect to give an unsolicited advice at the end hehe), pray for a man that can make you stress free and still pretty when you have to wait on long lines.  Problems will come in your marriage and it would be a fine day when you know your husband is or will not be an additional trouble. Pray hard and believe in God's best!

When God Tells You to Wait While Waiting

Don't you find it frustrating when God tells you to continue wait while waiting?  I do.

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In the world where most of the things are instant, I easily become impatient.  This is true with the small and big things in my life. In many occurances, I want things settled or known in 5 minutes.

However, every time I reach the peak of my edginess, I am reminded on how God made many things in my life beautiful in His time. -- And during these seasons, I have seen on why the Lord asked me to not be in a hurry.  For a number of times, I have heard myself say "Aaahhhh, kaya pala ngayon lang binigay! :)"

As I type this blog entry, me and my husband are waiting for two things we have been praying for since we started our relationship.  We have to admit that we constantly look at the clock with the question "When, Lord? When?".  Good thing, the series preaching in CCF Muntinlupa on the book of Exodus, helps us to wait.  Let me share to you a few thoughts that was published in the Chronicle (weekly bulletin of CCF Muntinlupa).  This was from the talk of Pastor Roy Fabella.  I hope that this would also encourage you to wait while waiting.

God Hears
God hears everything, even those things that are mouths cannot speak.  We must always remember that we can call out to God foe help, whatever is happening in our lives.

God Remembers
Our God delivers his promise

God Sees
He watches over us and takes care of us

God Knows
He understands how you feel, the questions that go into your mind, 
and the battles that rages in you.