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My life as a freelancer started last December 2015 when I decided to print out my name on a card and (finally) declare myself as a professional event host.  I have been hosting all my life, and so I thought it would be appropriate to do it actively on the side.  Thankfully, I mostly received “dapat lang”, “buti naman”, “bakit ngayon lang?” from family and friends. Yey!  That was definitely a good sign!

Actually, what was intimidating was when I was seconds away of clicking “enter”.  It was a battle I had to fight hard.  There was a mixture of excitement, kaba and fear.  I was so afraid that no one will ever get my services and that my cards will be put to waste. I was also into the idea that there are a lot of hosts so “why would they want to get me?” However, with my eyes almost closed and with a silent “bahala na” I just did what I had to do -- I declared myself as a professional host and gave a go signal to have my card printed.  Looking back, I was so glad I clicked “enter”. I am so happy I jumped into the world of freelancing.  Definitely a right choice.

Do you also want to be a freelancer?

My tip?  Just do it.

If you have been passionately baking, cooking, fixing, decorating, writing, editing, etc. for free, then that means you already more or less “freelancing”, only that, you have been neglecting the business side of it.  So, why not do it “professionally” na ‘di ba? 
And yes, just like me, you will always have excuses.  I am not saying that you do away with it, but maybe what you can do is to figure out which ones are valid and which ones are totally absurd.  Take your time and write them down.  Analyze, compare, argue with yourself then decide.

And yes, you do not have to quit your job once you have decided to be one.  You can start slow and just do it on the side.  In time, you would notice when you are ready (only if you want) to quit your 8-5 routine and do something really really great with your life (yes, I am being biased here).

Freelancing is an awesome choice for a stay-at-home wife and mom like me.  I am still able to spend a whole a lot of time with my husband and son without forgetting of the things I am good and passionate about.  Freelancing is God sent.  He gave me the talent, and as always, He gave doors to be able to use it. As always, praises be to Him!



Drum roll pls!!!!

I am now working with ManilaWorkshops as a Workshop Director!  Woot woot!!
I can't believe that I would soon be invloved in my two favorite things:  Learning and Events
Thank youuuuuu, Jesus!

I have always wanted to do something like this, however, I have always been afraid of the Marketing side.  Plus, I am not sure of what to do, how to do, where to do and all the other aspects of it. Thankfully, Ginger Arboleda (who is super nice and down to earth) of Manila Workshops allowed me to pitch-in my ideas and skills in her company. What we (naks, we na talaga!!  kasama na talaga ako haha) do is prepare workshops for all kinds of people:  from food phototography, entrepreneurship, motherhood, crafts, car maintenance,  etc.  Haaayyyy, just thinking about it makes me soooo kilig!

My first assignment is a series of live Webinar on Entrepreneurship.  We have 10 topics (2 hour per session) for a bundle price of 3999.  And since this is a Webinar, it is like learning from the comforts of your bed! How fun and stress-free, diba?

I have been waiting the longest for something like this.  Grateful for Bianca Ravanes who asked me if I would be willing to try and to Ginger Arboleda for trusting me with her events, materials and guides!  This is the closest thing I could get to being a classroom teacher. I am already so excited for the workshops I will prepare which I can also learn from.  

And once again, God has proven His faithfulness and timing. Thank you, thank you, Jesus!!!


Though I am already 34, I still have been wanting to actively pursue two things in my life.  One is to initiate a support group for the the newly weds and almost weds and second is to do professinal hosting and coaching (Communication Skills).  I am glad I have started with both, however, I am determined to put hard work this year.

So far, I have started an FB group with Viviene named JUST MARRIED:  A Group for Newly Weds and Almost Weds .  We have more or less 50 members who just got married (1-5 years) or are engaged.  If you know someone in this stage, let me know so I can add them up.  

In our page, you will be welcomed with this note:

Hello again, ladies. Are you wondering why Viviene and I made this group? wink emoticon Well, it just really started with a sigh and a talk on how we have seen newly weds from our circles fall in love but are now in "it's complicated" stage. Sad but true. We have then realized that most support groups online are mostly on raising kids. There is nothing wrong here naman, however, we thought that it would not hurt to start a community of new wives (we are all new in this stage) and wives-to-be. We hope to learn from your stories, experiences, questions, and random thoughts. And of course, we want to praise God on how He is molding the love story He started. To begin this little community, would you mind sharing 1. how long have you been married and (2) how you met your husband or husband to be? We are excited to read cheesy posts! heart

About my second dream, I have been actually hosting events since I was 18. However, it mostly for friends or referral of friends, and it is mostly gratis (which is actually fine).  This time, I want to really do it and call myself a professional host (there goes my dream!!).  So as a start, I have a business card (ehem).  I have also advertised myself in Wedding suppliers sites.  I want this to be my "work" on the side.  To be honest, I do not see myself working fulltime so I need to do something on the side.  You may check out my portfolio here.

Lastly, I want to help out those who are struggling to answer job interview questions, those who has fear to speak in front of an audience and those who thinks that they are have poor communication skills.  My stint in TESDA Muntinlupa (Call Center Training) allowed me to feel the fulfilment every time a student of mine gets in an interview because I was able to give assistance.  Not to mention the number of people to do not get the job because they do not know what and how to say the things they have in mind.  Sigh.  I plan to do this one by one or by group. It can be face to face or via Skype.  

I may be a wife and a mother but that does not mean I have to stay at home all day.  I have seen the importance of loving oneself by making sure that I am also satisfied with the things I have loved when I was still single.  

May the Lord bless and direct me as bravely do these. I pray that His grace will see me through as I use the gifts He gave for His glory. May His will be done!


We are back in the ministy!  Individually, I serve in the Sunday School and Bryan writes for the Chronicle (CCF Muntinlupa Newsletter) and as a couple we help the Singles Ministry. We can say that it feels sooooo good (and right) to be a part of God's vineyard once again.

Bryan and I both grew up in the church.  Every time we talk about our "younger days", we both mention the same key words such as Sunday school, DVBS, choir, outreach, community work, camps, retreats, kid's praise, fund raising and others.  So, when we have more or less "settled our little family", we prayed then volunteered ourselves to help.

We are more than glad to be in the ministry again because aside from the privilege of serving our church and God, this is also a big opportunity to help ourselves, our marriage and Risen.  We are excited for Risen to grow-up in a church and develop lifelong friendship with the other kids (just like what Bryan and I did).  We are also anticipating that as we help the singles and young professionals , this will make our relationship and bond stronger (research says that when a couple pursues a common goal, their relationship is likely to be healthier), and lastly we can't help to learn from our ministry heads and from the people we serve. We know that at the end of the day God will use the time we spend in the church to mold us to be better and more responsible partners, parents and Christians.  This will be a wonderful ride!!!